Our Training and Events Calendar includes details about upcoming workshops, webinars, and conferences hosted by CCTS and other related organizations. 

In-Person Training

CCTS offers free, in-person trainings to Washington state ESDs, school districts, and agencies. Learn more about our training offerings and how to schedule a training in your area.

Online Training

Click the links below to view CCTS training modules, designed as tools for educators who serve students with disabilities. To view the videos, you will need access to Vimeo, a video-hosting website similar to YouTube.

Indicator 13 Transition Training Video Modules*

Provides a comprehensive knowledge base to develop IEPs that are in compliance with state and federal regulations and to develop transition plans that will help students achieve their goals.

Special Education Consistency Index*

CCTS is proud to partner with OSPI and eLearning for Educators in the launch of the Special Education Consistency Index, a rigorous, self-paced, 30-hour web-based college-level course intended for experienced special educators. Those who complete the course earn certification as Special Education Consistency Index Scorers. This certification provides three-year access to the web-based Consistency Index platform. Registration can be completed on the eLearning for Educators website under the "How to Register" section at the bottom of the page. For questions about enrolling in the Special Education Consistency Index course, please contact eLearning at 360-867-6070. 

Summary of Performance Guidance

This audio-embedded PowerPoint tutorial is designed to support special education professionals who are completing the Summary of Performance for their special education leavers. Supporting materials include examples and templates. 

 *Available for clock hours through eLearning for Educators

Recorded Webinars

Click the headings below to access the webinar series. 

Working More Effectively with Diverse Youth & Families in Transition* (2016)

This five-webinar series provides an overview of important issues involving students with disabilities from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds, in partnership with Open Doors for Multicultural Families.

Agency Connections* (2015-2016)

This seven-webinar series explores several agencies that work with students with disabilities as they transition from school to work.

Postsecondary Education & Training* (2014-2015)

This eight-webinar series covers some of the many transition services available to support a student’s transition from high school to postsecondary education and training.

All Roads Lead to Employment* (2013-2014)

This seven-webinar series explores assessments, resources, and lesson plans in the area of emotional intelligence, self-determination, self-advocacy, independent living, and supports for employment to ensure that students with disabilities receive the services and supports necessary to pursue their post-school expectations.

*Available for clock hours through eLearning for Educators