Guidance for Educators

Important dates and information for educators involved in the annual Post-School Survey

Annual Post-School Survey Dates

05/22 | Leaver Survey Lists Available for Review
All schools must review and verify leaver names and demographics.

06/01 | Post-School Survey Opens
Leaver Survey Lists must be verified before survey phone calls begin.

11/01 | Post-School Survey Closes, 11:59 P.M.
Surveys must be submitted for all leavers.

Access the TSF2

CCTS's secure online data collection and reporting platform

Log in, reset your password, or resend your account activation email from one of two URLs: or

Training Modules

Post-School Survey Training Modules are designed to support school districts in Washington state as they work to complete the annual Post-School Survey. Modules 1 and 2 are recommended for all school and district representatives involved with the survey. Modules 3-6 are recommended based on Post-School Survey role.

Module 1 is an introduction to the Post-School Survey process. It’s ideal for anyone who is brand new to the survey or is looking for a quick refresh. It covers what the survey is, why it matters, and the available support materials for students, families, and educators.

Module 2 includes an overview of TSF2 user accounts and roles, how to access the TSF2, and how the site is organized. It also addresses the difference between contact and response rates and their impact on data collection. This module ends with TSF2 instructional guides for viewing contact and response rates.

Module 3 focuses on the process of verifying the Leaver Survey List in the TSF2. It outlines the criteria for special education leavers and the steps for confirming your list is accurate in the TSF2 before survey phone calls begin. This module concludes with a series of TSF2 instructional guides.

Module 4 addresses the basics of conducting the Post-School Survey in the TSF2. It includes how to prepare for the survey, details about making survey phone calls, and an overview of the survey’s structure. It concludes with a series of TSF2 instructional guides.

Module 5 covers the essentials that all District Managers should know to prepare for the annual Post-School Survey. The module concludes with TSF2 instructional guides for actions that are unique to the DM user role.

Upcoming TSF2 User Meetings

Educators new to the Post-School Survey or looking for a refresher are encouraged to attend our TSF2 User Meetings. Meetings are recorded, live-captioned, and ASL-interpreted.

Fall: Wrapping up the Post-School Survey

October 2, 2024, 2:30-3:20 p.m. | We’ll address the importance of survey response rates, unlocking submitted surveys, and what to do once your surveys are complete.

Winter: Accessing & Analyzing Post-School Survey Data

February 5, 2025, 2:30-3:20 p.m. | We’ll review how to access data charts and graphs in the TSF2, download a data summary PowerPoint presentation, and dig deeper into your data by reviewing individual survey responses.

Previous TSF2 User Meetings

Preparing Students for the Survey

Resources to share with students and families/caregivers

Before students exit high school, ensure you have contact information on file with multiple ways to reach them. The following contact form can be used and kept on file.

Contact Form in English

Contact Form in Spanish

The Survey Guidance for Students and Families page includes information about the Post-School Survey, what to expect from the survey questions, and how the data are shared. 

The Post-School Survey Student and Family Flyer (available in English and Spanish) can be printed as-is, or downloaded and customized to meet your students' needs. 

Two to four weeks before making the survey phone call, send a reminder to former students. You can use that as an opportunity to ensure you have the correct phone number and schedule a time to reach them. 

To send a digital postcard, download the Post-School Survey Digital Postcard - English/Spanish (PPT). It can be customized, saved as a picture, and attached to an email.