Center for Change in Transition Services (CCTS)

Our Mission

Center for Change in Transition Services

CCTS works to empower educators and administrators to improve transition services for youth with disabilities through partnerships, research, and training.

CCTS is funded by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction as part of the Inclusionary Practices Technical Assistance Network (IPTN). We're located at Seattle University in the College of Education.

What We Provide

Post-School Outcome (PSO) Data

State, ESD, county, and district-level PSO data provide insights into postsecondary activities for youth who received special education services while in high school

Inclusionary Practices Technical Assistance Network (IPTN)

Aim Statement

The IPTN will provide high-quality guidance, technical assistance, and professional development resources to districts to disrupt segregated systems of disproportionality and reduce exclusionary practices in Washington state schools. 

This will result in improved student outcomes, with an additional focus on the outcomes and the inclusion of students currently in Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) 3 and Black students with disabilities.

Learn more about the IPTN

Visit the OSPI website to learn more about the IPTN and other technical assistance providers. 

Our Team