Student-Led IEPs

Student-Led IEPs

Updated 12/09/19

  • CCTS’s offers asynchronous training on Student-Led IEPs (SLIEP) through a series of seven PowerPoint modules.

Training objectives

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss student engagement levels and benefits of student IEP participation
  • Describe steps for developing student skill sets focusing on self-determination for IEP participation
  • Identify and explore supporting instructional materials that can be infused or integrated into existing curriculum
  • Identify a variety of IEP participation formats to support students in leading their IEP meetings
  • Reflect, apply and develop a plan for next steps back in your district

Training format

  • Each training module includes a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying workbook activities.
  • In your own time, review PowerPoint presentations on your own or with a group.
  • Complete activities in the SLIEP Workbook.
  • Expect to spend 30-40 minutes per module, including activities

Materials needed for each module

Training module materials (available in Google Drive)

Materials for all modules are located in the SLIEP Training Materials Google Drive folder. Links to individual module folders are included below.
You will also need access to the SLIEP Workbook.

  1. Module 1: Introduction
  2. Module 2: Setting the Stage
  3. Module 3: Assess Students and Inform Parents
  4. Module 4: Self-Awareness, Self-Advocacy, and Self-Determination
  5. Module 5: Understanding the IEP
  6. Module 6: Planning for Participation
  7. Module 7: Systems-wide Approach

Join the CCTS Transition Network on Basecamp

  • CCTS invites all Washington educators, administrators, and agency representatives to join us on Basecamp, an online communication platform.
  • Training participants are encouraged to join the CCTS Transition Network on Basecamp to share thoughts, questions, ideas, and recommendations related to transition.