Independent Living

Adolescent Autonomy Checklist
This checklist, developed by the Youth in Transition Project a University of Washington Division of Adolescent Medicine, allows users to rate independent living skills by skills that the student can already do, needs practice with, and plans to start. Skills included in this checklist are Household Management, Emergency Response, Personal Hygiene, Health Care, Community Participation, and Leisure.

BRIGANCE Transition Skills Activities
Provides lessons in employment, independent living, community participation, and more designed to accompany the Transition Skills Inventory. There are several activities per lesson to support a range of abilities and interest.

Casey Life Skills  
The Ansell Casey Life Skills Assessments provide instant feedback to assist the IEP team in developing customized transition learning plans.

Employability/Life Skills Assessment 
Created by the Ohio’s Employability Skills Project and developed by Roberta Weaver and Joseph R. DeLuca, this assessment provides a Likert scale to rate students aged 14 to 21 on social behaviors and daily living habits needed for employment.