Post-School Outcomes

Updated 03/27/19

What are post-school outcome data?

Post-school outcome (PSO) data provide a picture of life after high school for former special education students in relation to postsecondary education and employment. Positive post-school outcomes involve some level of “engagement” after high school, meaning that former students are continuing their education or have secured employment. PSO data are collected not only for state and federal reporting, but for continuous programmatic improvement.

How can PSO data inform practice?

School staff and other stakeholders use PSO data to inform practice around transition services including instruction, development of transition plans, activities, and agency collaboration. The goal is to increase engagement outcomes and decrease non-engagement.

PSO data are also tied to the Local Education Agency (LEA) Application for Federal Funds for Special Education. School districts must develop a plan to maintain or improve PSO in their application.

How are PSO data collected?

To gather PSO data, school districts conduct a phone survey each year, reaching out to former students one year after they exited high school. CCTS offers technical support to school districts as they conduct the Post-School Survey, and provides state and district-level data reports after the survey closes.

2016-17 Post-School Outcomes

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Washington state
Post-School Outcomes, 2016-17

Any Engagement

Former students in this category met reporting requirements for one of the following PSO categories: Higher Education, Competitive Employment, Other Education/ Training, Other Employment.

No Engagement

Former students in this PSO category did not meet reporting requirements for any of the engagement categories.

Survey Sample Size

There were a total of 8,250 special education leavers in the 2016-17 school year. Survey responses were recorded for 78.5% of those former students. Survey responders can be either the former students themselves or a designated family member. 

Data Requests

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