Graduation Requirements

Washington Graduation Resources

Graduation requirements can be confusing when it comes to the needs of special education students. This page is a resource for teachers, parents, and students to understand the requirements regarding graduation and the accommodations available. 

Graduation in Washington

Kevin’s Law and Graduation

Kevin’s law (RCW 28A.155.170) allows certain students receiving special education services to participate in high school graduation ceremonies with their peers. The law requires each school district that operates a high school to adopt a policy and develop procedures to determine which students receiving special education services can participate in graduation ceremonies after four years, even if they will remain in school beyond 4 years. Students who participate in the graduation ceremony will receive a certificate of attendance, which is not a high school diploma. Students will receive a diploma when they complete their graduation requirements.

Summary of Performance Guidance PowerPoint Tutorial 

Download the Summary of Performance Guidance - PPT, updated 05/17/2018.

This PowerPoint training addresses the reasons for completing the Summary of Performance, its basic components with examples, tips and best practices, and additional resources. Each PowerPoint slide includes embedded audio that can be played by clicking the audio icon in the upper right corner. A transcript of the audio is included in the notes section.

Examples and Templates