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IPP Seminars are “big picture” trainings that focus on the positive impact CTE and Special Education partnerships have on post-school outcomes for students with disabilities.


IPP Workshops are supplemental trainings designed to facilitate action plan development and inclusion of students with disabilities in general education classrooms.

Third Thursday Conversations

IPP Third Thursdays are informal conversations to connect with others focused on inclusionary practices, provide technical assistance, and facilitate action plan development.

Presentation slide decks are posted to Google Drive on the date of the training.
Captioned videos are posted two weeks after training date.

Seminar: Voices from the Field - CTE and Special Education Partnerships (10/08/2020)

Third Thursday: Finding Your CTE Data (09/17/2020)

Workshop: Accommodations 101 (08/19/2020)

Workshop: Effective Collaboration (08/18/2020)

Workshop: T-Folio 101+ (08/12/2020)

Workshop: High School and Beyond Plans (HSBPs) - Aligning with IEPs (08/11/2020)

Technical Assistance and Data Planning (06/11/2020)

Seminar: Catching the Vision Part 2 (06/06/2020)

Seminar: Catching the Vision, Part 1 (05/15/2020)

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Additional Resources

Stories from the Field

"Stories from the Field” are interviews with Washington-based educators in CTE and Special Education who share insights into their inclusionary practice journeys. 

CCTS Inclusionary Practices Project (IPP)

Join Us on Basecamp

The CCTS Transition Network on Basecamp is a virtual space for statewide announcements and conversations related to transition and inclusionary practices.

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