Housing Policy

As a residential campus, committed to the education of the whole person, the residential experience is considered an integral part of a student's education. Research over the past 50 years shows that students who belong to a campus residential community have a more productive and more satisfying college experience than those who live off campus. Students who live on-campus are more likely to:

  • Take full advantage of campus resources
  • Be more involved in campus activities and educational programs
  • Take more credits per quarter
  • Achieve greater academic success
  • Persist to graduate at a higher rate
  • Be more satisfied with their overall university experience

Students are required to live on campus and purchase the Residential meal plan ($1,600/quarter) if they fall into any of the following categories:

  • Freshmen or sophomore and under the age of 21.
  • First or second year SU student and under the age of 21.
  • Within two years of high school graduation date as of first day of fall quarter classes, and under the age of 21.

If students fall into any of the above categories (as of the first day of class for the academic year), they are required to live on campus and purchase the Residential Meal Plan ($1,600/quarter) for the full academic year. If student status (class year, age etc.) changes during the academic year, they will not be released from this housing requirement until the following academic year. The summer quarter is not included in the residential requirement.

Returning students applying for an exemption to the residential requirement are required to submit a request by May 1st. New students are required to submit a request by August 1st. For more details see Cancellation Fees and Timeline.

By signing the Student Housing Agreement, students will be subject to financial penalties for failing to honor the commitment for the entire academic year. While an exemption from the On-Campus Residency Requirement may be awarded in a given case, a student may still be subject to financial penalties under the Student Housing Agreement “Room Rates for Academic Year” clause for up to the full remaining rates due.

The Student Housing Agreement is a binding, legal document. Therefore, we will not approve mid-year move-outs after the move-in date without a financial penalty for cancellation.

Exemption From On-Campus Residency Requirement

Exemptions to the residential requirement are limited to the following categories:

  1. Living with family within a commutable distance and falls within the residential requirement.The student must live with the family member in their primary place of residence (approx 20 miles or less from campus, please see SU Commutable Distance Map).
    1. “Family” is defined as a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, spouse, or children.
    2. “Primary place of residence” is defined as a person’s true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation, to the exclusion of all others. It is the place where the person intends to remain permanently.

Students applying to live with family must submit following documents (by May 1st for returning students, or August 1st for new students):

  • Complete the Housing Exemption/Release through the Housing portal.
  • Upload a photocopy of a valid form of ID from the family member you will be living with on the portal.
  • Upload a copy of directions from Google Maps of your potential commute from the address listed to 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122 on the portal.
  1. Commuting from another location. If you are a third or fourth year student or over 21 years of age by the first date of your start term. After moving in, because of the binding Student Housing Agreement, we will not approve mid-year move outs without a cancellation penalty.
  2. Marriage. Occurring after the start date of the contract. A marriage certificate to prove legal marriage is required.
  3. Medical conditions for which the University is unable to accommodate on campus. A letter of support from the Disabilities Services is required. Contact Disability Services at (206) 296-5744.
  4. Transfer to another Institution, Withdrawal, or Hardship Withdrawal. Documentation is required. Students who are suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons will not be released from the financial obligations of their contract. For mid-quarter withdrawals, students may have their housing charges prorated based off of the date of check-out.
  5. Graduation occurring during the academic year.
  6. Academic Internship/Exchange/Study Abroad. Documentation is required if this is a non-Seattle University sponsored program.
  7. Pregnancy. Pregnancy or the birth of a child by the student. Students may have their housing charges prorated based off the date of check-out.
  8. Military Relocation. Documentation is required. Students may have their housing charges prorated based off the date of check-out.

In order to be approved for release from the residential requirement, the student must complete a Housing Exemption (available online through the Housing Portal) and upload required documents. Fulfilling the requirements for exemption will not constitute an automatic release from the residency requirement. Failure to obtain an approved exemption from Housing and Residence Life will result in the posting of the quarter housing charges to the student’s SU account.

Any student who falls within the residential requirement and fails to sign up for housing, or be approved for an exemption by May 1st (returning students) or August 1st (new students), will automatically be assigned a room and meal plan.

Any student found to be providing false information on the Housing Exemption Request Form or during a personal interview will be subject to University disciplinary action and will be responsible for University housing and meal plan charges.