Housing Selection Frequently Asked Questions

(updated 1/19/22)

The university continues to actively monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and Housing will notify students of any changes in housing for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Q: Is campus housing required for me or guaranteed to me?

A: Only Rising Sophomore students are required to enter this process due to Seattle University’s 2-year residential requirement (in which case campus housing is also guaranteed). Campus housing is not guaranteed to Rising Juniors, Seniors, or Graduate/Law students.

Q: Where can I select to live next year?

A: Rising Sophomores can select a space on designated floors in Campion, Bellarmine, Xavier, and within select buildings of the Murphy Apartment Complex.
Rising Juniors and Seniors will be able to choose a space within select buildings of the Murphy Apartment Complex.
Graduate and Law Students will have a limited scope of choice within the Murphy Apartment Complex.
Please note that all housing operations are subject to change with direction and updates from the Washington State Department of Health as well as the King County Health Department related to COVID-19.

Q: If I am Interested in Gender Inclusive Living, what are my options?

A: Gender Inclusive Housing is offered to students who would like this campus housing option for them to feel supported and successful at Seattle University. Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-binary students will have the option to live with students who share their identity or who are affirming of their identity. The Student Housing Portal will allow students to navigate potential roommates to create roommate groups. For more information about this process, visit HRL website or contact the HRL Central Office [Campion 100].

Q: If I am given a lottery date and time, does this mean I will receive campus housing during the selection process?

A: If you are a Rising Sophomore, you will be given a time to ensure you are able to choose a bed space. This process is required, so please ensure that you choose a bed space to avoid having a space assigned by HRL where only space permits after the selection process ends. If you are a Rising Junior or Senior, you will be assigned a lottery date and time if you applied during the open continuing student housing application period before the eligibility deadline (February 18, 2022). Assigned lottery time slots to Rising Juniors and Seniors does not guarantee a space selection. Should you not be able to select a bed space during the process, your lottery date and time will determine your place on the campus housing wait list.

Q: Can I secure a spot for myself and my roommate during the selection process if I have an earlier time than my desired roommate?

A: Yes - Students can secure a spot for themselves and their requested roommate(s). All members in a roommate group will be able to assign all members of the group a space. One of the members in the group will be designated as a group leader automatically and all group members will have the ability to add 1-2 other student to your group in the case you would like to live in a triple room or a quad apartment. Please do not add a 5th person (or more) as you will run into issues on the portal.

Group Leader: you also can hand “leadership” to another student, remove members from the group as well as deleting the group.

Group Members: you can leave a group if you wish.

Students will be required to assign all students in the roommate group. We strongly encourage you to talk to your future roommates before the start of the room selection process because you will only have 10 minutes to assign all roommates. If space becomes limited and rooms do not match the number of your roommate group, you will have to break up the roommate group for you to only assign yourself. Again- we strongly encourage you to speak to those in your group and talk about expectations and realities of this possibility in case this happens.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT ROOMMATE GROUPS: It is important for you to review the living options by student standing listed above before creating roommate groups. If you choose a roommate who has a different classification than you (for example- a Junior wanting to live with a Sophomore) and wish to live on a particular floor that does not allow the other person’s classification, then you will run into issues during your room selection time slot. We strongly encourage you to only choose roommates based on their same class standing as you.
Please note that we plan to return to normal operations for next academic year with double room options and roommates, however, please note that all housing operations are subject to change with direction and updates from the Washington State Department of Health as well as the King County Health Department related to COVID-19.

Q: I am planning on enrolling as a less-than-full-time student next Fall quarter. Am I allowed to select a bed in this process?

A: No - you must be enrolled full time to live on campus. HRL validates enrollment to determine student eligibility for campus housing. If the student is not registered as a full-time student by the week prior to Fall Quarter opening, the room reservation and room contract may be cancelled.

Q: What if I am graduating early next academic year or planning to go abroad for Winter and/or Spring Quarters?

A: If you are only planning on living on campus for the Fall quarter due to graduation or study abroad you will have to complete a full academic year application and enter this selection process to select a bed space for Fall Quarter. HRL will release more information as the Fall 2022 quarter comes to a close about campus housing cancellations related to these matters. You will not have to pay cancellation fee for these reason(s).

Q: What if I only want to live on campus for the Winter or Spring quarter(s)?

A: If you are NOT planning on living on campus for the Fall 2022 quarter and intend on only applying for campus housing for winter or spring, please do not enter this room selection process as your reservation will be cancelled. Winter 2023 and Spring 2023 assignments will not be made until those quarters draw closer. This room selection process is not intended to hold space for quarters beyond the Fall 2022quarter.

Q: Will I be charged the cancellation fee once I have selected a room space and later decide to cancel my room assignment?

A: Depends - If you select a bed space and cancel your application before or during the selection process, you will NOT be charged the cancellation fee. However, if you cancel your campus housing after the room selection process concludes, you will be charged a cancellation fee subject to the fee schedule found on the HRL website.

Q: Do I have to pay a campus housing deposit?

A: No - students who live in SU housing are not required to pay a deposit.

Q: Can I change my room after I have selected one?

A: No - You will not be allowed to change the room you selected during the room selection process and it does not matter if your roommate assigned the space for you. You will only be able to submit a Room Change Request when it opens during the room change period [summer break]. More information will be provided regarding the Room Change Request process through the Housing Portal during summer.

Q: I am applying for the Resident Assistant position, but I am unsure if I am going to get hired. Should I still apply for campus housing?

A: Yes - You will need to have an application completed whether you are an RA (Resident Assistant) or not to be considered for campus housing. Apply by the deadline like any other student.

Q: I have a pending Disability Services (DS) request for next year; do I have to go through room selection and choose a room? Do I also get to secure a space for my preferred roommate?

A: No - a room assignment will be made on your behalf if we receive a request from your DS specialist before room selection starts on March 9, 2022. Disability Services (DS) requests only confirm campus housing for you and NOT any chosen roommate. If we have not received an accommodation request from DS by the time room selection occurs, you will have to choose a room during your time slot. You still must apply by the eligibility deadline of March 7, 2022.

Q: What do I do if I do not get a room?
A: Rising Juniors and Seniors- Keep in mind you will be placed on the waitlist and a space will be offered to you if you are the next in line. We would also like to remind you that Douglas and Vi Hilbert Hall are other options that prioritize Juniors and Seniors for the following Academic Year. These rooms are priced below market value and are in-line with HRL housing options. For more information, please visit their site.
Reminder to Rising Sophomores: You are required to live on-campus your Sophomore year. If you do not choose a space during the selection period, a space will be assigned on your behalf.

Q: Should I still log on and select a room if I have a late time slot?
A: Room Selection is live so people will be able to select rooms and cancel until the entire process is over on March 16, 2022. Each student is encouraged to log onto the Housing Portal to see room availability on or after their allotted time slot.

Q: When should I start to look for off campus housing? (Rising Juniors and Seniors only)
A: As a reminder, Juniors and Seniors are strongly encouraged to investigate housing options at Vi Hilbert Hall as well as the Douglas apartments. You are encouraged to visit their site for more information regarding their leasing timelines and dates should you not be able to select a bed space here on campus.
If you are not able to select a bed with HRL and not able to secure a spot at Vi Hilbert Hall or at the Douglas apartments, please remember that HRL will manage the housing waitlist the minute it is published and throughout the summer until Fall Quarter begins. Waitlist assignments represent a “rolling process.” Typically, given the Seattle housing market, you will need to anticipate a quick search for an off-campus apartment. You should start to look for off campus housing about 1 month before your desired move in date. We do, however, suggest researching general information on neighborhoods, prices, roommates, etc. before you start to search for off-campus accommodations.

Q: What if I have class/work during my Time Slot?
A: Students are never encouraged to obstruct class time for any campus housing process. You are encouraged to communicate with your professor(s)/supervisor to see if you can log on to the Housing Portal during your room selection time. Otherwise, log on at your first opportunity to select a space.

Q: How do I know if my application was submitted successfully?
A: You will receive an automated email stating that your application was received and completed. If you do not get this email immediately after your application submission and are sure you finished your application, please call Housing and Residence Life at 206-296-6305 [during weekday office hours] or email the HRL central office at housing@seattleu.edu.