Early Arrival and Late Departure

In order to request an early check in, late departure, or winter break occupancy, please read the provisions and fill out the request form on the Housing Portal.


This form must be filled out by the specified date shown on the Important Dates page. Students need to have a room assignment in order to request for early arrival. 

Early arrival, late departure, and winter break housing is a privilege, not a right. Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to refuse these requests for any reason.

Early arrival, late departure, and winter occupancy requests are generally evaluated based on needs regarding special academic situations, international travel conflicts or SU-related employment because of the significant impact on operations and staff to have rooms available.

Early arrival, extended stay, and winter break housing is only granted to students deemed to be in legitimate need by Housing and Residence Life. The student understands that s/he is responsible for knowing and understanding policies and procedures as they appear in the Housing Agreement, Resident Handbook, and Guide to Residence Hall Living. The student also understands that any charges for early check in will be placed on the student's University bill and will be collected by Student Financial Services. Check-in outside of normal business hours must be arranged in advance by the student with their RA.

Any charges for early arrival, late departure, or winter occupancy will be placed on the student's Seattle University bill and will be collected by Student Financial Services.

Approval for housing is granted in writing, verbal commitments are not valid. It is the responsibility of the resident arriving early to retain and present the written authorization upon arrival.

Persons who are approved with prior written approval will be charged $35/person/night for each night you or your belongings occupy your room beyond the quarter start and end dates. The nightly fee may be waived for residents who have special academic needs, or approved University sponsored work.

If you are a resident assisting in an official capacity, you are expected to act in a responsible and professional manner. If your behavior falls below expectation, as determined by Housing or your group advisor, you may be relieved of your responsibilities and be assessed a charge of $125/person/night (approximately the cost of a local hotel room per night) and be subject to additional disciplinary action.

Persons who arrive or stay without prior written approval and are subsequently granted an early access will be assessed a charge of $125/person/night (approximately the cost of a local hotel room per night).

Preparation work or maintenance in your room/apartment may need to be completed and university staff may enter to complete the work without prior notification. Maintenance work may continue in an adjacent space to your room/apartment/building 24 hours a day, therefore, you should have no expectation of quiet due to cleaning, maintenance, or other preparations.

If you lock yourself out of your room/apartment/building, please recognize that there may be a substantial delay in a response. Staffing will be minimal before and after normal check in/out dates.

You are not permitted to allow anyone (roommate/apartment-mates/suitemate, friends, other building occupants, etc.) access to the room/apartment/building without escort. You are not permitted to entertain guests in your room/apartment/building during this time period.

If you allow anyone else to access the room/apartment/building for the purpose of moving in their belongings or staying overnight without the express written authorization of Housing and Residence Life, you and the student will be assessed a fine of $500 in addition to a $125/person/night early arrival fee. In addition, you may have to go through the University Conduct Process.

The terms of the and the provisions of the and Redhawk Commitment will be in full effect. In addition to other disciplinary sanctions, violators may be subject to a penalty of $125/person/night (approximately the cost of a local hotel room per night).

To get started on an Early Arrival, Late Departure, or Winter Occupancy Request fill out the form on the Housing Portal.