The Yobi

The Yobi is on the corner of 13th and Marion (behind the Advancement & Alumni building) hosts five floors of fully furnished single rooms with microwaves, refrigerators, and private bathrooms for each resident.

Map showing Yobi location

Room Types

The Yobi is a smaller community, made up of 45 single “micro-apartment” style housing options among 5 floors (a basement floor and 4 main-level floors). Each resident is assigned to their own single room. There are no shared occupancy options at Yobi. There are various room types that are available to students. The room types are as follows:

  • Type A Room: 213-219 square feet
  • Type B Room: 184 square feet
  • Type B “Loft” Room*: 219 square feet
  • Type C Room: 147 square feet
  • Type C “Loft” Room*:163 square feet
  • Type D Room: 197 square feet
  • Type D “Loft” Room*: 288 square feet
  • Type E Room: 135 square feet

Yobi rates can be found here.

You are able to view floor plans and additional information about room types here.

 *Please note that the rooms listed as “Loft” rooms have the same layout as the other room associated with the same letter, where the only difference is that the loft rooms have a small storage loft above with a staircase to access the loft area. These Loft rooms are only located on the 4th floor.

About the building:

  • Each room comes with its own bathroom and mini-kitchen with a small microwave and small refrigerator
  • Each floor has a larger communal kitchen where each resident is assigned a cabinet for pantry Please note that sophomore students are still required to have the Residential Meal Plan, at minimum, if they wish to live in Yobi.
  • There is no front desk in the building, so the Xavier_front_desk acts as the main front desk for mail and package collection/distribution for Yobi residents. Xavier Hall is just 1 block away.
  • The Yobi is still under HRL’s management, therefore there is 1 RA assigned to the building for community development, resident care, support, and There is also a full-time staff Area Coordinator that oversees the Yobi as well.
  • With Yobi’s smart design and green features, the average resident uses roughly 1/3 of the energy of someone living in a conventionally designed apartment building. Due to the building's green energy-efficient design, there is no elevator in the building. 
  • All units are fully furnished just as all other residence halls are
  • Although not the same connection as on-campus wireless (SU-secure), ITS still offers Yobi residents secure internet access
  • There is a laundry room on the main level of the building.
  • Students assigned to the building are given a tap card to enter the main entrance of the
  • The main floor has a large, spacious lounge area to relax or study in, along with a smaller, separate game room with a TV.
  • There is a small, outdoor patio area in the back of the
  • You can view pictures of the building (both inside and outside) here!


Mailing Address for Packages and Mail:

Your Name
Yobi c/o Xavier Hall, room number
1110 East Spring Street
Seattle, WA 98122