Accommodation Requests

Student Preferences

Housing & Residence Life will work to fulfill the preferences of each student for room types and roommates. Housing assignments are made on a case-by-case basis that recognizes the variability of individual needs and preferences and that some housing options and availability may be limited. While committed to fulfilling as many requests as possible,  no guarantee can be made that all stated preferences can be met. Since some of the most popular choices fill first, it is most helpful if students follow the timelines provided in the room selection process.

Special requests should be made in writing to

Housing Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Disability-related housing accommodations are modifications to the residential environment for students whose disabilities substantially limit their ability to participate in residential and housing life. Students requesting disability-based housing accommodations will need to meet with Disability Services staff and provide documentation supporting their request and disability-related needs.
See requirements for documentation of disability.

Accommodations for housing are approved on a case by case basis and are dependent on the nature of the disability and/or health condition as well as the impact on the campus living environment. Disability Services works in partnership with Housing and Residence Life to provide accommodations that meet individual student needs.

Disability Services asks the Housing and Residence Life (HRL) office to place the student in any room that can fulfill the accommodation needs of that student, we do not ask HRL to place a student in a particular residence hall building or room as an accommodation.

Single rooms are not granted solely based on a need for quiet study space. Residence halls are designed as living spaces. Students who need very quiet environments for study should seek other places on campus that are designated as quiet study areas.

Students should contact Disability Services as soon as possible as timely notice is needed to coordinate accommodations.
Disability Services
Loyola 100
Phone 206-296-5740

New students

Students who are new to Seattle University and applying for housing should note their intention to request accommodations on the application form.  The students will need to meet with staff in Disability Services, Loyola Hall suite 100, (206) 296-5740, and provide documentation of their condition and resulting needs. (See Requirements for Documentation of Disability)

Current Students

  • Students currently receiving accommodations for disability-based needs should notify HRL staff of a request to continue accessing the same accommodation in the next year during the room selection process.
  • Students who want to request accommodations or make changes to their necessary accommodations should take a look at the Requirements for Documentation of Disability. After delivering the documentation, students will be asked to make an appointment to discuss their needs with a Disabilities Services staff member.
  • All requests and any required documents must be submitted to Disability Services by March 1st for the room selection process.

The information provided to Disability Services will be shared only with other relevant staff in a discreet and confidential manner and will be used only as permitted under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This information will have no bearing on students' general eligibility for housing.

Housing accommodations for disabilities may take time to arrange and Housing & Residence Life receives many such requests. For this reason, it is important that accommodation requests for pre-existing conditions be made at the time of application or as soon as possible in the annual room selection process.