Housing Selection Process

The Returning Resident Housing Selection Process will begin March 1st and end May 1st. Prior to the start of selection you will receive email instructions for signing-up, and an online selection time. This is an online process.

Important Information

Housing Policy

Students are required to live on campus and purchase the Residential meal plan if they fall into any of the following categories:

  • Freshman or Sophomore and under the age of 21
  • First or Second Year SU Student and under the age of 21
  • Within two years of your high school graduation date as of first day of fall quarter classes, and under the age of 21

Room Selection Process

  • Room selection is a two-step process. First, you apply and set up a roommate group (if applicable), and then you select a room during your selection time
  • Students who began this year as a freshman with credits or Running Start are considered rising sophomores and are covered by the University’s housing policy.
  • If you are a rising sophomore, you are guaranteed on-campus housing and required to live on-campus unless you are approved for a housing exemption.
  • Rising sophomore students applying for an exemption to the residential requirement are required to submit a request by May 1st. If you are not signed up for housing by this date or have not submitted an exemption you will be automatically assigned housing and a meal plan for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Juniors and Senior students are not guranteed housing. Juniors and Seniors who apply for housing will be entered into a lottery. Any student who is not selected for housing will be placed on a waitlsit.
  • Juniors and Seniors also have the option of living in The Douglas Apartments (http://thedouglasatseattleu.com/) and Vi Hilbert Hall (http://www.vihilberthall.com/) and will receive priority in these buildings. To apply, please contact their leasing offices.

Cancellation Policy

  • Before June 1st, there is no cancellation fee.
  • After June 1st, there is a $1,000 room cancellation fee.
  • On or after the move-in date, students are responsible for the housing fee for the entire term in which the student requires a release, plus 50% of any remaining terms.

Medical Accommodations

  • The deadline to submit your request to Disability Services is March 1st. 
  • For rising sophomores if we already have a request on file, you will be contacted to confirm your medical request for the 2018-2019 year by April 1. You will still be required to submit a housing application. If you are not contacted by April 1 and have an approved medical accommodation, contact the Housing Office to make sure your request is on file.
  • Junior/Senior medical requests are not guaranteed, however we anticipate offering housing to all students seeking on-campus housing.
  • Accommodations may be requested for you and only you. We are not able to accommodate roommate requests in conjunction with a medical request.

Additional information

  • You will be signing up for the entire academic year: fall, winter and spring quarters.
  • Be sure to check your SU email account for Housing Selection information and appointment times!

Guide to Applying for Housing