Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions that students usually have about housing policies, room, roommates and other essentials.


For pictures of our residence hall rooms visit the webpage for each residence hall. Most campus tours throughout the year provide a tour of a double room as well as the rest of the campus. For information on planning trips and setting up a tour of the campus, check out our page about visiting Seattle University.

You can download a current copy of the Housing and Residence Life Resident Handbook here.

  1. Very low rates of theft - electronics have walked away when students leave them unattended
  2. Residence hall room doors close & lock automatically.
  3. Students must swipe into the building (non-office hours) and swipe into the elevators
  4. Tips for living in a city - travel in groups, keep your head up, utilize Public Safety escorts, note the blue light emergency phones around campus, and use the Nighthawk service
  5. Front Desks are open Monday-Friday 8am-10pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am-10pm
  6. Public Safety staff sits at the front desks from 8pm to 4am, and patrol the halls 24 hours a day.

To get personal help with computer, internet, and network or network login problems, contact ITS Service Desk at or browse the online help.

Students will need to get a parking pass through Transportation and Parking Services. First year residential students will need to fill out a 1st Year Resident Application Parking Waiver Application to request to park on-campus. Please contact Transportation and Parking Services if you have further questions about parking. 

Students are allowed to bring bikes and we provide both outdoor and covered bike racks. We recommend using a U-lock to lock your bike and registering your bike with Transportation and Parking Services. 

Transportation and Parking Services offer discounted ORCA cards (Metro bus pass) to students.  

No, the University’s property insurance only covers property that is owned by the University. It does not cover damage to students' personal property. It is highly recommended that students insure their own personal property via their parent’s homeowners insurance or a renters/tenants insurance policy. It is important to confirm with your homeowner’s insurance carrier that student’s property (including computers and other electronics) will be fully covered for loss while housed outside of the family dwelling.

The University assumes no legal obligation to pay for loss of or damage to items of student’s personal property occurring on campus, however, it is important to report any lost or stolen items to Public Safety to help prevent theft in the future and increase the chances of having your item(s) returned.

For your reference, the following is a list of insurance companies that specialize in renters/tenants insurance to college students. Please note that the University does not endorse any of the companies listed below:

National Student Services, Inc.

CSI Insurance Agency

Please contact University Events at 1-206-296-5620 or visit their website. University Events manages the residence halls over the summers and will be able to work with groups to provide accommodations.

To attend classes at Seattle University, we require you to submit proof of vaccination. Check the Student Health Center webpage for most up-to-date information about required immunizations and for questions about immunizations and the patient portal. Proof of immunity must be entered and uploaded on the Medicat patient portal.

Laundry rooms are located either on the floor (Xavier Hall), basement (Bellarmine Hall and Campion Hall), or in the individual unit and is available to residents 24 hours a day.

To load laundry money, students must use the PayRange app. Once you are in the laundry room, the app will automatically recognize the laundry machines and you will be able to pay for them through your mobile devices. If you do not have a mobile device, the front desks will have a tablet to check out. Just know that the tablets must be returned before the front desks close.

Yobi has a laundry room in the building. You can set up an account through Mac-Gray LaundryLinx.

Please see the following links for instructions on using the washers and dryers:  Washer instructions and Dryer instructions.

If you lose your Seattle U ID card, please speak with the Front Desk staff to receive a temporary access card. Additionally, if you need a replacement Seattle University ID please visit SuperCopy.

Jesuits in Residence are members of the Jesuit community at Seattle University. They are another individual, in addition to your Resident Assistant (RA), available for advising, counseling, resolving conflicts, or simply as someone to listen to how your day went.

The Residential Minister lives as a member of a residence hall community, build relationships with residents, and serve as a member of the residence hall staff. The Residential Minister is responsible for fostering pastoral care for students and staff in the residence halls in collaboration with Jesuits in Residence, Residence Hall Directors, Resident Assistants, and Campus Ministry staff.

Housing Policies

There are several reasons why a student might be exempt from the Housing Requirement. For more details, see our Residential Housing Policy. If you have further questions, contact our Housing Office at or 1-206-296-6305.

All information regarding a housing release request can be found on our Housing Exemption page. Mid-year housing releases are only approved for certain reasons so make sure you are also well acquainted with the Housing Policy section of the Housing Agreement.

Students under the age of 21 or with roommates under the age of 21 may not possess, consume, furnish, manufacture, sell, exchange or otherwise distribute alcohol. Find more details on this policy in the Resident Handbook.

Guests of residents are welcome in the residence halls at Seattle University but are expected to follow University policies. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests. The individual rights of the resident(s) of the room take precedence over another resident’s decision to host a guest in the room or building.

The following visitation hours are established to support these rights while facilitating positive social and educational interaction:

  • Sunday-Thursday: 7:30 a.m.-1:00 a.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 7:30 a.m.-2:00 a.m.

Resident hosts are responsible for the actions and behavior of their guests and must escort guests while in the residential community. Guests must remain with their host at all times while in the building.

Only guests of the same gender as their resident host are permitted to stay overnight in the residence halls, provided that the guest is not in an amorous relationship with the resident host. It is expected that anyone housing an over-night guest has received explicit permission from their roommate(s). Find more details on this policy in the Resident Handbook.

Unfortunately, Seattle University does not offer family housing. Although men and women can live on the same floor of a residence hall, they cannot share a room. However, if you are a first- or second-year student and are married then you are exempt from living on-campus; therefore, you may reside together off campus. Visit the Housing Portal and fill out the Housing Release Request.

Unfortunately, we do not have the housing capacity to offer housing to non-Seattle University students.

However, the Douglas Apartments and Vi Hilbert Hall are university affiliated and directly adjacent to our campus and they sublease to non-Seattle University students over the summers.

Housing Applications

Our housing application process is done online through the Housing Portal. Until you are confirmed and accepted, you will not be able to access the portal. The Housing Portal will have the information you need to get on-campus housing.

Please make sure you are logging in with your Seattle University username/password to the Housing Portal. If you have run into issues, contact our office at (206)296-6305 or email

Freshmen typically live in one of our traditional residence halls: Bellarmine, Campion, and Xavier. These rooms are usually double occupancy, and include bed and mattress, desk and chair, wardrobe, sink, shelving Internet access, and all utilities. Residence Hall floors are usually co-ed, but rooms are gender specific.

Yes. The housing policy includes all first year students and sophomores under the age of 21, all first and second year students under the age of 21 as well as students still within two years of high school graduation who are under the age of 21. If this is your first year, and you are under the age of 21, you are still required to live-on campus for another year.

The housing policy applies for students who turn the age of 21 after the start date of the term. For fall quarter, if your birthdate falls after Fall Move-in Day you are required to live-on campus for another year.

Keep in mind exemptions are limited and require supporting documentation. Students applying for an exemption to the residential requirement are required to submit a request by the application deadline; late requests are not accepted. To learn more about this policy, visit our On-Campus Housing Exemptions page.

Housing Assignments

All new students for Fall will receive their Housing Assignments via email in the month prior to move-in. If you have missed the priority application deadline, your Housing Assignment may come at a later date.

First-Year and Second-Year students are required to live on campus, so please apply on the Housing Portal as soon as possible. Upperclassmen are not guaranteed housing however they are encouraged to apply. If we are currently working off an extensive waitlist for the upperclassmen housing units, we are sometimes able to place willing students in our other residence halls.

Optional roommate searching will be available only during housing selection process for returning students and during housing application process for students starting Fall Quarter.

We encourage roommates to communicate over the summer about sleep habits, study habits, favorite bands, etc. We spend considerable time matching roommates based on their responses to the housing form. During the first week, roommates will sign a roommate agreement form outlining their agreed upon expectations for their living situation. This includes questions about noise and activity level as well as what students are willing to share; this is a tool to help get you communicating about your expectations. Resident Assistants are there to help mediate conflicts and will refer to the original roommate agreement if applicable. Learning to live with someone is an important life skill, and we provide both student and professional staff support to residents as they navigate this challenge.

Incoming students/new students can request a room change by submitting a Room Change Request through the Housing portal after receiving your initial assignment in July. 

You can use your roommate's name to search for them in the Global Address Book of Seattle University. This can be done by logging onto your SU email and searching them in the 'Find Someone' bar. Many students have also been successful in finding their roommate on Facebook. There is also usually a group for each graduating class where you could meet not only your roommate but other students as well.

We work closely with Disability Services and follow the recommendations of their office. Please contact Disability Services at (206) 296-5740 or at to discuss your accommodations for the residence halls and any other support you may need on-campus. Accommodations can include but are not limited to: a single room request, access to a handicap-accessible bathroom, etc. Please discuss with Disabilities Services what you think you will need to be successful at Seattle University.

We are only able to process room change requests if we have space that is available that matches your request. We will only email you a confirmation if change request has been processed. If you have not yet heard from us, that means your request is still pending.  

We are offering early-bird check-in this year. Please make sure to read emails sent to you about move in! Check out our Important Dates page for deadlines.

Yes, students/families are asked to arrive on time to your selected date/time move-in. Appointments will be staggered to assist with a smooth move-in experience for new students.  Students will sign up for their own move-in day/time.

Students commuting from home must live with the family member in their primary place of residence (approx. 20 miles or less from campus, please see map with approved commutable areas). “Family” is defined as a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, spouse, or children. “Primary place of residence” is defined as a person’s true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation, to the exclusion of all others. It is the place where the person intends to remain permanently.

Keep in mind that students applying to live with family must do the following by May 1st for returning students or August 10th for new students:

  • Log into the Housing Portal.
  • Select "Application."
  • After completing a few steps to verify information, you will have the option to request an exemption.
  • You will need to upload a photocopy of a valid form of ID from the family member you will be living with. 
  • You will need to upload a photocopy of a map from the requested address that you will be commuting from to the University.

A full step-by-step process with screenshots of the Housing Portal pages can be found here: Housing Exemption Process. Contact our office at for more information.

Gender Inclusive Housing is offered to students who would like this housing option in order to feel supported and successful at Seattle University. Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, and Non-binary students will have the option to live with students who share their identity or who are affirming of their identity. The Student Housing Portal will allow students to navigate potential roommates to create roommate groups. For more information about this process or for troubleshooting, contact the Housing and Residence Life Central Office.

The Douglas Apartments prioritize juniors/seniors and students who are over 21 since spaces on-campus is limited. The Douglas offers one, two, four and five bedroom options. Students living on this property will sign a lease directly with The Douglas. Contact the leasing office at 1-206-860-3024 or email at for more information regarding this property.

Vi Hilbert Hall prioritize juniors/seniors and students who are over 21 since spaces on-campus is limited. They offer studio, one-, two-, and four-bedroom options. Students living on this property will sign a lease directly with Vi Hilbert Hall. Contact the leasing office at 1-206-939-5677 for more information regarding this property.

Continuing students can sign up with a roommate during the Room Selection Process. New Students will be able to sign up with a roommate for Fall housing during New Student Application Process. Roommate requests outside of this period will be based on space availability.

If you already have a roommate picked out, the best way to sign-up is by creating a roommate group. If you do not have a roommate picked out, make sure you accurately answer the housing profile questions; you may also search for a roommate by these questions when you are selecting a room.

Ways to search:

  • search for potential roommates based on compatibility from the profile questions page you filled out earlier.
  • create roommate groups (please choose appropriate names and passwords).
  • enter into already existing groups if you already know of one that exists.

As a reminder, based on the gender identity profile question you answered earlier you will be able to see other students who have the same gender expression/identity as you do.

Once you submit a housing application you will be able to search for potential roommates and form roommate groups (you will have to click "update application" to enter back into the roommate search process). When you are back in your application click on the top scroll arrow to click on "roommate request". Here, you can:

  • create roommate groups (please choose appropriate names and passwords)
  • add roommates by searching and clicking "add to group"
  • give your roommate the group name and password to join
  • join a group (enter into already existing groups if you already know of one that exists)
  • enter the roommate group name and password
  • search by roommate group member

Whoever has the earliest time in the roommate group will be able to pull in the other members of the roommate group during room selection.

Remember: if you wish to be part of a roommate group you must be a confirmed member by the start of the room selection process in order to be assigned with your desired roommate group. You can always contact our office to see if you are a confirmed member or you can look at the next page to see if you belong to a roommate group. 


For Fall Quarter, new students sign up for a Move-in appointments to alleviate congestion.  Students will sign up for their own move-in day/time. To continue campus efforts to alleviate congestion, students/families are asked to arrive on time to your selected date/time.

Check the Important Dates page for more student-specific Move-in dates. Check your email for information about early arrival requests and note deadlines in Important Dates. Contact Housing should you have furthur questions at or 1-206-296-6305.

Early arrival requests deadlines can be seen under Important Dates. Early arrivals are generally approved for students traveling internationally or overseas, and for students involved in campus-affiliated activities such as student employment/leadership, academic commitments, or athletic teams. If the latter applies to you, make sure your supervisor/coach/hosting department contacts our office on your behalf. The early arrival request form can be found on the Housing Portal under 'Housing Forms' and further questions about this process can be directed to our Housing Office at or 1-206-296-6305.

Orientation is offering Early Bird Immersion for new students. Please check their website on how to sign up for an Immersion.

Bring: Sheets (XL are recommended), blankets and comforter, pillow and pillowcase, mattress pad (if needed), towels, hangers, desk lamp, alarm clock, laundry bag.

Please do not bring: everything you own, anything flammable, cooking appliances (oven toasters, air fryers, etc.), weapons, halogen lamps, space heaters, toaster ovens, microwave/refrigerator (already provided)

Fall Quarter only: Students receive detailed information about Move-In and Welcome Week in late summer, be sure to check your Seattle University email frequently for your appointment time. If you are moving in during Winter or Spring Quarters, you will receive a move-in date by email.

Fall Quarter only: You may move in at your appointment time or anytime thereafter. Please do not arrive before. Appointment times help move-in go smoother for everyone as it decreases foot and car traffic.

During Fall Move-In week, the mall near the Bellarmine Turnaround (12th Ave. and Columbia St.) is open to new students and families to unload.

Campion residents can park temporarily near the Murphy garage. Please avoid Campion's Jefferson address on Move-in Day.

Xavier residents will find temporary parking around Xavier Hall for Move-in.

We are always willing to accept new Housing applicants. Please contact our Housing Office at or 1-206-296-6305 for more information.

We ask that you ship items so that they arrive no earlier than 10 days before you move in. Please understand that Mailing Services and our Front Desks receive many packages during move in.  Your patience is appreciated as we process mail/packages as quickly as we can. To find your on-campus housing address, go to the webpage for your specific residence hall. 

Residents will need to leave the residence halls for Winter Break and move out at the end of Spring Quarter. Residents are requested to leave 24 hours after their last finals for the quarter. By the Saturday at noon after finals week all residents should be moved out of their unit. *Spring break is the exception; residents can remain on-campus.

Check the Important Dates for move out dates. If you are leaving the University, we typically request that you leave your residence halls within 24 hours. Please contact the Housing office at 1-206-296-6305.

Unfortunately, the University does not provide any on campus storage options due to our various events, cleaning of facilities, and high occupancy over the summer. Students can look at any local options for storage, but there are two nearby recommended options:

  • Dorm Room Movers: This business will pick up at your residence hall. Storage pricing is per box or non-boxed item per quarter. Visit their website or call 1-888-769-3676.
  • Urban Storage on Madison: This nearby storage option is right at the edge of campus. Visit their website or call them at 1-206-973-2459.


Residence    Room Dimension
Campion    12'x15'
Xavier    14'x13.5'
Bellarmine    12'x15'

Furniture    Dimensions
Bed    Twin/XL Twin: 75-80" L x 39" W x 12" H
Desk    42-48" L x 24" W x 30" H
Wardrobe    24 13/16" L x 40 3/4" W x 73 7/8" H
Shelves    15" L x 30" W x 12" H; Also 2 shelves 14'' Tall

There is no need to bring a fridge or microwave. Campion, Xavier, Chardin and Bellarmine are equipped with micro-fridges. This includes a 3.2 cubic feet mini-fridge as well as a microwave. The Murphy Apartments are equipped with full-size kitchens, including a refrigerator and microwave.

A Triple Plus and Double Plus rooms are rooms that are larger than a standard double room in Bellarmine or Campion Halls. Each room will come with sets of furniture (wardrobe, chair, desk, and mattress) and beds that align with the number of occupants. The Triple Plus will come with a bunked bed as well as a third, separate bed. In most triples the third bed comes lofted (raised to 64 inches). 

To loft a bed, students may submit a Work Order Online. Students in double rooms may only raise their bed to about hip-height. This set up provides about 31 inches of clearance between the floor and bottom of the bed frame a lower bed provides about 8 inches. Any bed bunking and lofting of the beds must be performed by the Resident Hall Facilities group to insure that they are safety setup in resident rooms.

Beds will only be bunked if facilities receives permission from all students in the room. Our facilities staff also asks that you be as detailed as possible when requesting a lofted bed (meaning which side of the room and what height - some bed frames provide more flexibility to be raised in 6-inch increments).

Meal Plans

Yes, all first-year and second-year students living on-campus must choose a meal plan option. In concert with the on-campus-living policy, First Year and second-year students living on-campus, including our affiliate housing at The Douglas and Vi Hilbert Hall, are required to have at least The Residential Meal Plan.

Meal plans work as a declining balance, like a debit card or a gift card. A student's full balance of their requested meal plan will appear at the beginning of the quarter and it is up to the student's discretion how much they spend per day based on their eating habits. Students can manage their meal plan funds online by registering for an eAccount.

Meal plans are automatically renewed for the next quarter. During the academic year, an amount of $250 may be rolled into your meal plan rollover fund. At the end of the quarter, any remaining funds, excluding the $250, will be removed from the meal plan. At the end of spring quarter, no funds will be rolled over to the next academic year and all remaining funds will be removed from the meal plan. Remaining funds are not refundable. Additional money can be added to your account at any time. To add money to your Seattle U ID, students are allowed to submit Supplemental Meal Plans through the Housing Portal. Students may also request to change their meal plan during the first two weeks of each quarter. Go here for more information about the Meal Plan policy.

To check the status of your meal plans and related funds, log onto eAccounts to view all your information. See Campus Card for more information on how your different funds are handled.

It is our policy that all First Year students and second-year students living on campus are required to have at least a residential meal plan. If you would like to make any changes to your meal plan within policy, you can do so on the Housing Portal in the 'Housing forms' section. These requests are generally processed within 3-5 business days but can take longer for changes to appear on students' accounts/Seattle U ID. Students wishing to make changes outside of policy will need to go through the Meal Plan Exemption process. Meal Plan Exemptions may be submitted on the Housing Portal but require students to answer some additional questions found on that form.

Housing Breaks

The residence halls close on Saturday after Finals Week in December. (Please refer to our important dates page for the timeline.)  Residents do not need to move out their belongings as long as they are returning Winter Quarter.

Late departure and early arrival requests for winter break will be available on the Housing Portal in the Fall Quarter. You can request to be approved for a late departure or an early arrival online through the Housing Portal. Students who are generally approved are students traveling internationally and students involved in campus affiliated activities such as student employment/leadership, academic commitments, or athletic teams, who may need to stay later or arrive early. If the latter applies to you, make sure your supervisor/coach/hosting department contacts our office on your behalf. Any further questions about this process can be directed to our office at or (206) 296-6305.

The residence halls do not close for spring break.

Students need to check out for summer break no more than 24 hours after their last final. Move out information will be emailed to students during Spring Quarter. The residence halls close for summer break on Saturday of finals week.

Students who arrive early when the desk is not open will receive check-in instructions when their early arrival approval is emailed. You can call the Housing Office at 206-296-6305 and we will connect you to the Area Coordinator or you can email us at and we will pass on your message.

All Seattle University residence halls close during winter break. You are required to leave the residence halls for the break unless approved by the Housing and Residence Life office to remain on campus. A list of students approved to reside in the residence halls during the break will be provided by Housing and Residence Life to Public Safety and Facilities.

You are not permitted access to the buildings during the break, except in the following emergency circumstances:

  • Death of a student's family member or relative and the student needs access to obtain personal items needed for the funeral.
  • Death of a student and the family needs access to remove personal items from the room.

Medical Emergency:

    • Student needs medications or medical device left in room
    • Student has been hospitalized and family needs access to personal items in the student's room
    • Student is missing and the family needs access to obtain personal items.

Requests for access to the residence halls should be directed to Housing and Residence Life. All requests for access for non-emergency reasons will be denied.

You may request approval to stay for all or part of winter break by completing the Early Arrival/Late Departure/Winter Occupancy Request Form through the myHousing Portal.

Only approved students will be granted housing during this period. Approved students consist of:

  • Approved critical student employees who work for Seattle University departments.
  • Approved student athletes with obligations during break periods.
  • International students.
  • Approved individuals who have been granted exception through the Housing office
  • Juniors and seniors with academic or internship requirements that will be assisted by staying over the break.

Completion of this form does not guarantee your request will be honored. Approval to stay for part or all of winter break will be granted on a needs basis only.

Housing during breaks is a privilege. If you violate any University policies during this time, you will be asked to leave the residence halls for the duration of break. Additionally, any incidences will be documented and entered into the University’s conduct system.

You can remain in their rooms over the following breaks: Thanksgiving, Spring and Easter. Please check your Seattle University email and speak with your Resident Assistant (RA) for specific instructions prior to these breaks.

Paying Bills

Bill payments can be made through SU Online under "My Bill." For more information see Student Financial Services (SFS).

All University payments go through Student Financial Services (SFS). For questions or concerns about your ability to make payments and how to go about paying your bill, contact SFS at or (206) 220-8020. To discuss the meaning behind certain housing-related charges, contact our office at or (206) 296-6305.

Repairs and Maintenance

You can submit work requests online to fix any problems that arise in your room and to request for their beds to be bunked, lofted, or un-bunked. This can be done online through the Work Order portal found on our website.

For emergency maintenance do not fill out a work request. From 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. call the Facilities Response Center at 1-206-296-6996. After hours call Public Safety at 1-206-296-5990.

An emergency is defined as loss of water, heat or electricity, electrical hazards, flooding, fire, elevator entrapment, gas leaks, lockouts or lock problems, or any condition that poses a significant imminent threat or potential hazard to you, the residence hall, apartment, or the community.

Residents should contact the Information Technology Services for telephone, and internet troubleshooting and repairs. If problems persist, email or call 1-206-296-5571.

We’re Here For You

For information about housing and dining, contact us Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Housing and Residence Life

Campion Hall 100, 901 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122