Program Review Committee


Terri Clark 
Edward Donalson
Brian Fischer 
Kathleen La Voy (ex-officio)
Viviane Lopuch
Carrie Miller
Michael Ng
Colette Taylor
Valentina Zamora


A subcommittee of Academic Assembly that reviews new program proposals and existing program reviews and then makes a formal report, including recommendations, to Academic Assembly.


Recommendatory to Academic Assembly.


Meets bi-weekly, at the direction of the Chair, or upon request of a simple majority of the members. Meetings are closed to non-members, with the exception of program representatives by invitation.


Membership consists of a faculty member from each school/college, the Chair (who is the vice president of Academic Assembly), and an ex-officio Associate or Vice Provost. Faculty eligible must be full-time and have taught at Seattle University for at least 3 years. Deans and higher administrators are not eligible. Term of service for faculty members are 3 years beginning October 1 and ending September 30 the following year. Successors are nominated by their school/college and appointed by the Academic Assembly.

Reports To:

Academic Assembly

Minutes Distribution

Minutes are kept in the Provost’s Office and are only read by members of the committee and Academic Assembly.

Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

Rosa Hughes x6384