The SU ADVANCE Program focused on equity issues among university faculty.

In September 2016, Seattle University received an ADVANCE "Institutional Transformation" grant from the National Science Foundation. Our grant was entitled, What Counts as Success?  Recognizing and Rewarding Women Faculty's Differential Contribution in a Comprehensive Liberal Arts University. Our overall goal was institutional, cultural, and structural transformation to align our expectations and faculty reward structures with our educational mission.

Key milestones in our work included the successful revision of the Seattle University guidelines for promotion to full professor, as well as the implementation of workshops and mentoring sessions for faculty. Detailed information about these, as well as links to our online library and a variety of research products, can be found on this website via the links above.

The NSF-funded ADVANCE-IT grant closed down in Summer 2022, after a 6th Year/No Cost Extension in 2021-2022.

Our work will continue through a variety of initiatives and programs housed in the Office of the Provost

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