University Rank and Tenure (URT) Committee


  • Jodi O'Brien (Chair)
  • David Arnesen
  • David Boness
  • Mark Chinen
  • Mary Graham
  • Anita Jablonski
  • Sharon Suh
  • Michael Trice
  • TBD, College of Science and Engineering
  • TBD, Graduate Student Representative
  • TBD, Undergraduate Student Representative


Reviews recommendations of the Deans and colleges/school, and recommends promotions and tenure awards.


Recommendations to the President through the Provost


Meets annually at the direction of the Chair, or upon request of a simple majority of the members. Meetings are closed to non-members.


Nine Faculty Members:

  • 2 from College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2 from College of Science & Engineering 
  • 1 from Albers School of Business & Economics 
  • 1 from College of Education 
  • 1 from College of Nursing 
  • 1 from School of Law 
  • 1 from School of Theology and Ministry

Two Student Representatives (one-year terms):

  • 1 undergraduate (at least junior standing) appointed by the ASSU
  • 1 graduate appointed by the GSC.   

Faculty eligible to serve on the R&T committee must be full-time, tenured and and full professor and will have taught at Seattle University for at least three years. Deans and higher administrators are not eligible.


Academic Assembly Appointment: Upon termination of a Presidential appointment, the successor is appointed by Academic Assembly, through the following process:

  • Dean's Office calls for or identifies a faculty person to serve on the R&T Committee.
  • College Academic Assembly representative nominates that person to the AA Committee and that body votes on the nomination.
  • College/Schools informs R&T of confirmation of appointment.

Presidential Appointment:  Upon termination of an Academic Assembly appointment, the successor is appointed by the President through the following process:

  • Chair of URTC informs Provost of the need for a Presidential appointment in specific college or school.
  • Provost and President consult together on appointment.  
  • Provost informs URTC of appointment outcome.

Representatives At-Large Appointments:

  • Identified by either Academic Assembly or by Presidential Appointment, in accordance to the alternating schedule. 

Recusal from Service on Committee

An appointee considered for tenure and/or promotion during their R&T Committee service, shall be excluded from all deliberations that year.  If it is the last year of their term, the appointee shall resign; otherwise the appointee shall obtain a leave from the Committee.

Former R&T committee members will form the pool from which an interim committee member shall be selected.  Selection for interim committee members follows the appointment process for new appointments, (i.e., A Presidential interim shall be selected by the President). 

Reports to


Minutes Distribution

Minutes are kept in the Provost’s Office and are only read by members of the committee.

Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

Jodi O'Brien/5384 - Chair


The University Rank and Tenure Committee has existed in one capacity or another since 1948 when the university changed its name from Seattle College to Seattle University.