University Core Curriculum

University Core Curriculum

  • The University Core Curriculum is the heart of Seattle University’s liberal education.  It emphasizes rigorous engagement with multiple disciplines while inviting students to broaden their perspectives through interdisciplinary discourse.  As a part of the Jesuit educational tradition, Core courses model inquiry, critical thinking, and reflection as modes of both understanding and discernment. 

    As you will see from the resources on this website, the Core is dynamic and vibrant.  Each of the modules in the Core Curriculum fosters inquiry and exploration.  No one is more important than the others and each of them is flexible.  Classes have been designed by faculty members who have used their expertise to shape the content of each class, and who have organized that content around some of the most pressing and thought-provoking questions in their disciplines.  Each class invites students to actively participate in the dialogues produced by such questions—sharpening their capacity to read critically, write carefully, and express ideas effectively.

    By strengthening their ability to take on difficult questions in multiple disciplines, Core courses prepare students to succeed in both their chosen majors and as thoughtful and empowered leaders for a just and humane world.

    I invite incoming or prospective students, as well as current students, faculty, and staff to explore all that SU’s Core has to offer.


    Dr. Kate Koppelman, Director

  • Upcoming Events

    Congratulations to the Class of 2015!  Continuing students, however, know that Fall 2015 registration is well under way!  Can't find the Core class you need?  Come to the Core Solution Center during the first week of classes on the 2nd floor of the University Services Building.  We'll be available 9:30am to 4:00pm these days to assist you:

    • Wednesday, September 23
    • Thursday, September 24
    • Friday, September 25