Director, First-Year Academic Engagement

Hilary Hawley, PhD

Teaching Professor, English
Director, First-Year Academic Engagement


Hilary Hawley CV (PDF)

I joined the English department in Fall 2008 and regularly offer courses focused on environmental and social justice issues in literature and rhetoric, often with a community-engaged learning component. Frequently taught courses include an Academic Writing Seminar on sustainable food and food security (with a CEL placement), an Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities on environmental literature, a Global Challenges in the Humanities seminar on the literature of activism (with a CEL project), Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Northwest (seminar for the Matteo Ricci Institute), an Encountering American Literature course, and an independent study course on Environmental Rhetoric. Common threads in all of my courses are understanding what writing and literature have to teach us about building a better world, environmentally, socially, and ethically, and engaging with community. My research focuses on the intersection between real-world rhetoric and literary responses to social and environmental injustices. I also contribute materials and research to rhetoric and composition textbooks authored by my colleagues John Bean and June Johnson Bube. University Service My major roles outside of teaching are as Director of Core Learning and Engagement Programs and Coordinator of the Common Text program. There, I direct the university's first-term SUCCESS seminars, support first-year engagement initiatives, and lead the university's Common Text program.


  • PhD, English, Washington State University
  • MA, Eastern Washington University
  • BA, Dual degree in English and Accounting, University of Washington