Graduate Education Council


Wade Bird, Associate Director of International Admissions
Bonnie Bowie, Associate Professor, College of Nursing
Meg Cristofalo, Assistant Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Hilary Flanagan, Executive Director of Career Services
Jordan Grant, Assistant Vice President, Student Financial Services
Laura Hauck-Vixie, Senior Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences
Trish Henley, Associate Dean, School of New and Continuing Studies (Chair)
Kevin Krycka, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Katherine Kuder, Associate Dean, College of Science and Engineering
Rochelle Lundy, Assistant Librarian, Lemieux Library
Erica Martin, Assistant Dean Academic Affairs, School of Theology and Ministry
Jeff Millard, Director of Masters Program Operations, Albers School of Business & Economics
Francesca Nisco, Director of University Marketing
Aleksandra Petrovic, Director of the English Language Learning Center
Manivong Ratts, Associate Dean, College of Education
Janet Shandley, Director of Graduate Admissions
Andrew Siegel, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Law
Erin Swezey, Instructor & Internship Director, College of Education

Daniel Tamayo, GSC Chair
Dale Watanabe, Director of International Student Center
James Willette, Associate Provost and Dean of Students


This group consists of faculty & staff from each school/college, a Graduate Student Council (GSC) graduate student, and representatives from differing areas that serve our graduate students such as admissions, enrollment, student development, registrar, advising, marketing, career services, library, financial services and others from across the campus. This broad variety of expertise and on-the-ground knowledge is focused on supporting our graduate students and improving their experience across all areas in a coordinated manner, whether it be through academic affairs, policy, communication, student safety, programming or other means.


Recommendatory to the Provost.


One to two times per quarter, or as needed. 

Reports To

Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs

Notes Distribution

Committee members

Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Number

Trish Henley/(206) 296-5346