The Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP) assists faculty and staff in the pursuit and management of external funding. OSP is also responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations and laws, sponsor-specific guidelines, and the policies and procedures of Seattle University.  We serve the SU community by guiding all faculty and staff through the Sponsored Project Lifecycle.

Pre-Award Services

  • Prospecting for grant opportunities
  • Determining eligibility for funding
  • Interpreting sponsor guidelines
  • Creating a proposal preparation timeline and checklist
  • Providing institutional information and documentation
  • Assisting in budget development
  • Facilitating institutional review and approval

Post-Award Services

  • Negotiation and acceptance of new awards
  • Requesting a new financial account for the external funds to be tracked
  • Orienting the sponsored project staff with the award’s terms and conditions and related SU policies and procedures
  • Facilitating requests and communication with the sponsor, as needed
  • Providing guidance regarding compliance with awards 
  • Reviewing sponsor-required reports prior to submission

OSP News & Events