Academic Technology Committee


Brian Fischer, Co-chair, College of Science and Engineering

Rick Fehrenbacher, Co-chair, Provost's Office

Doug Eriksen, Lemieux Library

Misuk Lee, Albers School of Business and Economics

Alexander Mouton, College of Arts and Sciences

Katie Oliveras, College of Science and Engineering

Melissa Owen, College of Nursing

Neria Sebastien, College of Education


The Academic Technology Committee (hereinafter “the Committee”) shall be a standing subcommittee of the Academic Assembly. As a subcommittee of the Academic Assembly, the Committee shall be the primary faculty body charged with evaluating and making recommendations regarding technology on campus. In support of the University’s mission in general and the Academic Assembly’s mission in particular, the Committee shall (a) participate in the evaluation of technologies that could impact teaching, learning, research and scholarship at Seattle University, (b) provide a faculty perspective on how such technologies could be used and supported to enhance teaching, learning, research and scholarship at Seattle University, (c) provide a faculty perspective on budgetary issues and priorities affecting the acquisition, implementation, maintenance and use of such technologies on campus, (d) actively promote the use of technologies that would enhance teaching, learning, research and scholarship at Seattle University (e) serve as a faculty clearinghouse and forum for University-related information on technology matters, and (f) provide a faculty perspective on existing or proposed projects, policies, procedures and plans related to technology that could affect, inter alia, working conditions for University faculty, recruitment and admission of students, curricular design and implementation, significant technology-related hiring and staffing, or any other aspect of the academic life and culture of the University.


The Committee shall have the authority and responsibility to investigate issues, draft reports and frame recommendations for the Academic Assembly in response to requests from the Assembly as well as on its own initiative.  These may include issues that come to the Committee’s attention through its liaison functions with offices and committees such as those noted hereafter, or through direct communications with university faculty, students, staff, or alumni. The Committee shall also have the authority to liaise and advocate for faculty interests in matters related to technology with the University, or any office, administrative subdivision, committee, agent or contractor thereof, including the Office of the CIO, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Information Technology, the University Technology Committee and any other administrative body or organization within the University.


The Committee shall meet once a month throughout the academic year.  More frequent meetings may be scheduled as necessary to address issues before the Committee.  When possible, notice of the date, time, location and agenda of the meetings shall be posted in a manner accessible to the faculty so that faculty members with an interest in the Committee’s work will have an opportunity to attend the meetings.

The Committee’s parliamentary procedures shall be the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order. At the discretion of the Chair, a Committee meeting may proceed in a less formal manner than that prescribed by Robert’s Rules of Order; however, should a dispute arise, that dispute shall be settled by reference to the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Meetings of the Committee shall be open to members of the University community. When feasible and appropriate, members of the University community should be permitted to speak in an orderly and timely manner as determined by the Chair on issues, projects, and topics of interest before the Committee. In particular, members of the University community shall be permitted to address the Committee on a topic prior to a Committee vote on that topic, and an opportunity for public comment shall be provided to those members of the University community attending the meeting immediately prior to the meeting’s adjournment.


The Committee shall be comprised of one librarian and one or two full-time faculty members from each of the following schools and colleges:

Albers School of Business and Economics
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Education
College of Nursing
College of Science and Engineering
School of Law

The University Librarian or the current Academic Assembly representatives of each school or college shall obtain from their faculty and forward to the Assembly a list of nominees for open positions on the Committee.  The Academic Assembly shall appoint Committee members from these lists. At least two members of the Committee each year must be actively serving representatives of their school or college in the Academic Assembly. If the process of nomination and voting for college and school Committee members does not result in two current representatives of the Academic Assembly sitting on the Committee during a given year, the Academic Assembly shall appoint additional Committee members from its ranks such as will be necessary to fulfill this requirement at its earliest possible convenience. By these means, the number of Committee members may expand from a minimum of 9 to a maximum of 19 in a given year.

In addition to the voting members of the Committee, the Director of Center for Digital Learning and Innovation, the Provost, the University CIO or their designees, shall be non-voting, ex-officio members.  One representative from each, the Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU) and the Graduate Student Council (GSC), shall also have ex-officio membership on the Committee.

Reports to

Academic Assembly

Minutes Distribution

Minutes of each Committee meeting shall be taken, distributed in a timely manner to members of the Committee, and filed by the chair or a designated person after adoption by the Committee at a subsequent meeting. When available, an Administrative Assistant assigned through the Office of the Provost will take minutes at the Committee’s meetings. When such an individual is unavailable, the chair shall designate a member of the Committee to take the minutes. Minutes that have been adopted by the Committee shall be posted on the Academic Assembly website.

Chair or Contact Person

Brian Fischer, Co-chair, College of Science and Engineering,

Rick Fehrenbacher, Co-chair, Provost's Office,