Institutional Review Board


  • The primary goal of the Seattle University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is to create a favorable climate for the conduct of scientific inquiry and to guide that conduct involving human subjects while concurrently protecting the rights, well‑being, and personal privacy of individuals, as well as the interests of Seattle University. The IRB strives not only to ensure compliance with Federal regulations but also to foster the practice of research meeting the highest ethical standards and adhering to all principles, best practices, and policies related to research with human subjects.

    The IRB works to ensure that all human subjects are treated with respect, beneficence, and justice during their participation in research conducted under the auspices of Seattle University. In accomplishing this mission, the IRB will:

    • Promote awareness of and respect for the rights and welfare of all human subjects by educating students, faculty, and staff about the ethical principles and Federal regulations regarding research with human subjects.
    • Inform researchers about the application of the Federal regulations and ethical principles in their particular area of research, as standards continue to evolve.
    • Develop the most efficient methods for processing and reviewing applications, tracking and monitoring research activities, and conducting regular self-audits to ensure the continuing effectiveness of the IRB.

    To assist the IRB in achieving these goals, all individuals conducting human subjects research must adhere to the guidelines outlined in this policy, which will be reviewed and approved every five years.