IRB Deadlines & Meeting Dates

IRB Staffing and Timeline Implications

Due to budget cuts, the IRB office is now staffed by only the part-time administrator. Please plan accordingly for delays in response and approval. Thank you for your patience.



Exempt and expedited reviews take place on a rolling basis throughout the year. See Review Categories & Timeline for more information. For further guidance or consultation,contact the IRB at 206-296-2585 or 

The IRB does not review full-board submissions during the summer. During the academic year, full-board protocol submissions are due no later than 5 p.m. Friday two weeks before the scheduled meeting.

We invite you (and if applicable, your Faculty Adviser) to attend a portion of the full-board meeting to answer questions and provide clarifications. This practice facilitates the board's deliberation and revision requirement process.

Full Board Deadlines and Meetings for Academic Year 2020-21

Due to reduced staffing and delayed processes, submit your full board protoco as soon as possible.

FQ Submission DeadlineFQ Meetings
 Sept. 4 Sept. 18
Oct. 9 Oct. 23
Oct. 30 Nov. 13


WQ Submission DeadlineWQ Meetings
 Jan. 4 Jan. 15
Jan. 29 Feb. 12
Feb. 26 March 12


SQ Submission DeadlineSQ Meetings
 April 2 April 16
April 30 May 14
May 28 June 11