IRB Deadlines & Meeting Dates

Deadlines listed below are for full board submissions only. Exempt and expedited reviews take place on a rolling basis throughout the year. See Review Categories & Timeline for more information. For further guidance or consultation, contact the IRB at 206-296-2585 or 

Spring Quarter 2020

Full-board protocols are due no later than 5 p.m. Friday two weeks before the scheduled full-board meeting. Try to submit your application as early as possible, so we can work with you before the meeting to streamline the process. We invite you (and if applicable, your Faculty Adviser) to attend a portion of the full-board meeting to answer questions and provide clarifications. This practice facilitates the board's deliberation and revision requirement process.

IRB meetings and deadlines for spring quarter 2020


NOTE: The IRB does not conduct full-board protocol reviews over the summer months -- researchers should plan accordingly. The IRB reviews exempt and expedited protocols on a rolling basis throughout the year.