Step-by-Step Guide


The SU IRB is committed to working with our researchers to protect the privacy, welfare, and personal information of all individuals from whom data may be collected. Thus, whether for a class, pedagogical project, or other activity that involves collecting information from living individuals or their private records, SU students, faculty, and staff must first consult with the IRB or submit an application for review before initiating any aspect of a project (including recruitment). You might never intend to publish or present your findings, but the IRB must assess whether risks to potential participants could exist in the recruitment or data collection process, regardless of what you plan to do with the information. Even pilot studies need IRB approval if they involve human participants.

Students should read our Student Researchers page, as well as the For Student PIs, read the Step-by-Step Guide and consult with your Faculty or Staff Adviser at all stages of the process.

Collaboration with Non-SU affiliates: SU faculty/staff collaborating with researchers at another institution may request that the SU IRB cede oversight to that institution. Additionally, for some programs -- such as the College of Nursing -- where researchers must go through a separate IRB (e.g., the Swedish/Providence IRB, etc.), the IRB will consider ceding oversight even when the SU affiliate is the sole investigator. When planning collaborative research or if required to go through a non-SU IRB, always consult with the SU IRB early in the process. No SU affiliate may engage in any aspect of a collaborative study before receiving written permission/documentation from the SU IRB.  Click here for more information about ceding oversight.

A Step-by-Step Guide for IRB Submissions