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Spring Quarter Update: In-Person Data Collection Activites May Resume

The Office of the Provost and the SU IRB have recently decided to lift the previous COVID restrictions on in-person data collection. While we ask all researchers to use their best judgment and discretion about spacing, masking, and sanitation, no specific requirements will be placed on research activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IRB at or 206-296-2585. 


Whether for a class, a pedagogical project, or any other activity that involves collecting information from living individuals or using their private records, all SU students, faculty, and staff researchers must consult with the IRB about submission requirements.  Although you may not intend to publish or present your findings, the IRB must determine whether your project is exempt from further consideration or review because risk to potential participants may lie not in what you plan to do with your data but in how you recruit participants and collect data.

The SU IRB is committed to working with our researchers to protect the privacy, welfare, and personal information of all individuals from whom data may be collected by SU faculty, staff, and students.  Research projects that are evaluated and then either approved or found to be exempt by the IRB will comply with Federal regulations and SU requirements. 


Students may participate in human subjects research at SU in different ways, as described on our Student Researchers page.  For Student PIs, read the Step-by-Step Guide and consult with your Faculty or Staff Adviser.

Even pilot studies need IRB approval if they involve human subject participants. IRB approval must be obtained for both a pilot and an expanded study because both involve research with human subjects.

Ceding Oversight to Another IRB:  SU affiliates who collaborate with researchers at other institutions may request that the SU IRB cede oversight to another institution. Additionally, for some programs -- such as the College of Nursing -- where researchers must go through a separate IRB (e.g., the Swedish/Providence IRB, etc.), the IRB will consider ceding oversight even when the SU affiliate is the sole investigator. (When planning collaborative research with individuals at other institutions or if required to go through another IRB, always consult with the SU IRB early in the process.) No SU affiliate may engage in any aspect of a collaborative study until receiving written documentation from the SU IRB regarding ceding oversight. Please follow these instructions for requests to cede oversight.


Your Research Project and the IRB:  A Step-by-Step Guide