Student Researchers

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Student Researchers

Students may participate in human subjects research activities in different ways, for example:

  • As part of the curriculum for a class, students may conduct minimal-risk human subjects research that is overseen by a faculty member who will coordinate with the IRB on behalf of all students. (Faculty may consult this guidance page.) In this case, students will not typically interact directly with the IRB.
  • When an SU student will work as the Principal Investigator (PI) on a research project involving human subject participants, such as in an Honors or Capstone project, the SU student must submit a research proposal to the IRB using the same IRB process and protocol forms as our other researchers. All student PIs will work with an SU faculty or staff adviser throughout the process. (Faculty/staff advisers of student researchers should consult this guidance page.)

To understand the IRB's role in research on campus, we recommend that students first examine the Step-by-Step Guide.  Then, depending on your project, information about review categories, as well as application tips, may be helpful.


>> IRB Guidelines and Flow Chart for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students.