Faculty & Staff Researchers

Faculty & Staff Researchers 

From off-campus studies to pedagogical research in your classroom to advising student researchers, the IRB supports SU faculty and staff on all aspects of projects involving data collection from individuals or from their private records.

SU Faculty and staff research involving human subjects tend to fall into several categories. Traditional scholarship based on research with human subjects in which a faculty/staff is the PI (or one of several PIs) requires that faculty/staff submit an application to the SU IRB office before research begins, via our new OneAegis system. SU faculty/staff classroom-based research projects, quality assessments, etc. also typically require a submission via OneAegis. All student projects involving human participants, as well as pilot studies and QI/QA/Program Evaluation must also first go through the IRB application submission process, again via our OneAegis system. 

Many of these projects will eventually receive an exemption or "Not Human Participant Research" determination from the SU IRB office. Some will require Expedited or Full Board Review. Only after this determination has been made (and, in the case of Expedited and Full Board reviews, approved), may any aspect of the project begin.

Considering categories of review and approximate timelines for exempt, expedited, and full-board studies may help you in planning your submission.

Below, we have offered information on general types of projects in which SU faculty/staff commonly have questions for us. Most involve students in some way. Please reach out to us with additional questions or concerns you have.  

Additionally, please consult with the IRB regarding any questions about your own plans or projects. We are happy to work with you to identify the process that is most appropriate for you.