Faculty & Staff Researchers

To comply with Federal regulations and SU policies, all SU affiliates must submit any proposal involving human participants to the SU Institutional Review Board (IRB), which will assess and help mitigate physical, psychological, legal, and/or social risks by establishing protections reflecting best practices in human participant research and University guidelines.

Faculty & Staff Researchers 

Faculty may work on a variety of different types of projects with human subjects in research pursuits, from off-campus studies to pedagogical research in your classroom to advising student researchers. IRB review of various types can mitigate potential risks in your research; see below for details.


The categories of review and approximate timelines for exempt, expedited, and full-board studies may help you in planning your submission.

We work with faculty and staff on a variety of projects, with and without student researchers, in and out of classroom settings.  We have offered some general types of projects on this website but realize that yours may fall into a grey area.  Please consult with the IRB regarding any questions about your plans or projects; we will work with you to identify the process that is most appropriate for you.