Course-Based Projects

Timeline Note

Due to understaffing and high submission volumes, please expect possibly significant delays in response/processing, which may impact IRB turnaround on course projects and student research during the term. Please adjust accordingly, and thank you for your understanding and patience.


Course-Based Projects

For certain low-risk student projects (which may be within a course's curriculum or a group of honors projects), a faculty member may coordinate the project proposals and liaise with the IRB to create a group submission, as outlined below. The IRB supports all natures of research projects, but please note that certain projects necessitating a higher level of review may be challenging to carry out within a 10-week term. The information below will assist the planning process and help your students obtain IRB permission more quickly.

Before you initiate this process, we encourage you to contact the with a brief description of the nature of the student projects, as the steps below may not be necessary or applicable for your particular course.

Note: Individual research activities, including recruitment, may not begin until each project has received written IRB permission from the IRB.