Application Tips

Timeline Note

Due to understaffing and high submission volumes, please expect possibly significant delays in response/processing ... and plan accordingly. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Application Tips

The following tips and guidelines will help ensure a smoother application and review process:

  • Complete human subjects research training before formalizing your topic and methodology, so you're able to incorporate best practices in human subjects protections.
  • Read relevant guidelines on this website for review levels and submission processes.
  • Consider whether you will be working with special populations or in an international setting.
  • Follow all protocol instructions precisely.
  • Review spelling and grammar in material for participants and reviewers to demonstrate appropriate professionalism.
  • Use IRB templates for your informed consent documents.
  • Obtain necessary authorizations/permissions from sites (e.g., school principals/superintendents, church pastors, organization leaders, etc.) to include with your application, or verify that authorized personnel email the IRB directly before you submit your application.
  • Ensure your protocol application is 100% complete before submitting it.
  • Sign your protocol application before submission. Student PIs must have faculty advisers sign as well. (Protocols with missing or typed signatures will not be processed. Contact the IRB if you aren't sure how to submit signed materials.)
  • Send only electronic versions (PDF or Word docs -- no JPG files, OneDrive, etc.) to [Do not send materials to IRB Administrator, Dr. Andrea McDowell.]

Remember: You may not begin any aspect of your study, including recruitment, until you have received written IRB approval. Conducting unapproved human subjects research represents research misconduct and may be reported to the Office of the Provost.