CON DNP IRB submission guidelines

To comply with Federal regulations and SU policies, all SU affiliates must submit any proposal involving human participants to the SU Institutional Review Board (IRB), which will assess and help mitigate physical, psychological, legal, and/or social risks by establishing protections reflecting best practices in human participant research and University guidelines.

Covid & In-Person Data Collection

Currently, no restrictions exist on in-person data collection. However, we ask all researchers to use their best judgment and discretion about spacing, masking, and sanitation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IRB at or 206-296-2585. 

Guidance for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students and Faculty Mentors

Prior to engaging in a DNP project that may need IRB oversight or consideration, carefully review the following tips, as well as the IRB/DNP flow chart below to determine what steps are required.

If your project needs further IRB consideration, complete the DNP IRB Application. [If you submit the IRB Application for Exemption, you will be instructed to resubmit using the correct DNP form.]

To avoid delays and returned applications:

  • If your project has already gone through an institutional IRB process, send the SU IRB both the determination/email and your final approved application.
  • Always download the latest version of the DNP Project submission form before completing.
  • Before submitting your application to the SU IRB, double check for completeness and readability.
  • Have you and your faculty mentor both signed the application? (Typed italic fonts will not be accepted.)
  • Has your clinical supervisor or site liaison signed the form OR sent a permission email to the IRB (after reading your complete application)?
  • Is the PDF of good quality? Is it right-side up, readable, and with pages in proper order?
  • Submit only Word docs or PDFs. JPGs will not be accepted. The IRB will not open files provided as OneDrive or other links.
  • Your DNP submission should clearly describe materials and processes. Do not include attachments other than an informed consent form (if applicable). We will request other materials if needed.
  • CITI certificates are not required.

Always copy your faculty mentor on your submission and all IRB correspondence.

If you have any questions, contact

Click here for a PDF version of the DNP IRB Flow Chart PDF.

 A flow chart for IRB review level of Doctor of Nursing Practice projects