CON DNP IRB submission guidelines

Guidance for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students and Faculty Mentors

Before initiating a DNP project that may need an IRB determination, carefully review the following guidance, as well as the IRB/DNP flow chart below to determine required steps.

If your project needs further IRB consideration, complete the DNP IRB Application. [Do NOT submit the Application for Exemption, or you will be directed to resubmit with the correct DNP form.]

To avoid delays and returned applications:

  • If another IRB or ethics board has reviewed your project, send the SU IRB both the determination/email and your final approved application with all corresponding materials.
  • Always download the most recent DNP submission form before completing.
  • Before submitting your application to the SU IRB, double check for completeness, accuracy, and readability.
  • Have you and your faculty mentor signed the final application? (Typed signatures or italic fonts will not be accepted.)
  • If applicable, has your clinical supervisor or site liaison read your completed application and signed the form OR sent a permission email to the IRB?
  • Is the PDF of good quality? Is it right-side up, readable, with pages in proper order?
  • Submit only Word docs or PDFs. JPGs will not be accepted. The IRB will not open files provided as OneDrive or other links.
  • Your DNP submission should clearly describe materials and processes. Do not include attachments other than an informed consent form (if applicable). We will request other materials if needed. Exception: Provide the URL for any online surveys, so we may evaluate consent language and verify voluntary response progression.
  • CITI certificates are not required.

Copy your faculty mentor on your submission and all IRB correspondence.

If you have any questions, contact

Click here for a PDF version of the DNP IRB Flow Chart PDF.

 A flow chart for IRB review level of Doctor of Nursing Practice projects