CON DNP IRB submission guidelines

Guidance for Doctor of Nursing Practice Students and Faculty Mentors

Before initiating a DNP project, carefully review the guidance we offer to researchers via this website and discuss your proposed protocol with your Mentor/Advisor. Also review the guidelines and instructions provided to you on your internship Canvas site.

Beginning 1 July 2023, researchers will submit all new studies via the SU OneAegis system using your SU credentials. 

The website address should look like this "" and the login page will ask for your SU username and SU password before directing you to the OneAegis system. Once logged in, click "Start new xform" if you are beginning a new application. The system will ask for Project Title and PI information and will then ask you to choose what type of application you are submitting. The options will look like this:

  • Application for Exemption
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Submission
  • Expedited Submission
  • Full-Board Submission

If you are a DNP Student, it should hopefully be clear that you have only one option: you check "Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Submission."

After you have begun the application, we suggest bookmarking the page; you may then return to finish that particular application at your convenience. You can also download a PDF version of the application at any time, to work offline. When ready, click, "Submit."  

Make sure that your advisor knows that you plan to submit an application. Note that the OneAegis system will not "recognize" your advisor when you try to list them if that advisor has never logged into the system before. The login need not be specific to an application -- your advisor simply needs to have clicked on the OneAegis login page and verified their identity at some point.

Once you finish your application, the system will route your complete, submitted protocol to your faculty/staff adviser for review and sign-off before it comes to the IRB Office.

The IRB Office will then evaluate your application. The options within OneAegis for the IRB Office/Admin Review are as follows:

  • Return to PI for Revisions
  • Assign for Expedited Review
  • Assign for Full-Board Review
  • Determination: meets Exemption Criteria
  • Determination: meets NHPR Criteria
  • DNP Determination: meets NHRP Criteria

If your application is incomplete or unclear, then it will be returned to you. It is your responsibility to complete the application, providing details that allow the IRB Office to assess the risks your research may pose to human participants. 

If the IRB Office makes a determination that your DNP project meets "Not Human Participant Research" or Exempt criteria, then your review with the IRB Office is finished. Your official determination will either be "Determination: meets Exemption Criteria" or "DNP Determination: meets NHRP Criteria." Please note that you telling us that your project meets NHRP or Exempt criteria, in the absence of any description of your protocol or population, is insufficient evidence. Please substantiate.

If the IRB Office makes a determination that your DNP project requires Expedited or Full-Board review, then the review process will take longer and will involve evaluations by IRB Board members. Please see our "Step-by-Step Guide for IRB Submissions" for more details about these processes.

To avoid delays and problems with the e-system, please keep the following in mind:

  • If another IRB or ethics board has reviewed your project, send the SU IRB both the determination/email and your final approved application with all corresponding materials.
  • Before submitting your application to the SU IRB, double check for completeness, accuracy, and readability.
  • If applicable, has your clinical supervisor or site liaison read your completed application and signed the appropriate form?
  • Submit only Word docs or PDFs via the e-system. JPGs and OneDrive links will not be accepted. 
  • Your DNP submission should itself clearly describe materials and processes. Do not include descriptions as attachments.
  • Provide the URL for any online surveys, so we may evaluate consent language and verify voluntary response progression.
  • CITI certificates are recommended. If your project ends up being categorized as Expedited or Full-Board, CITI certificates will be required.

If you have any questions, contact Copy your faculty mentor on all IRB correspondence.