Classroom and Pedagogical Research

Guidelines for Classroom/Pedagogical Research 

If you wish to assess the effectiveness of curricula or pedagogical techniques, your project will likely be exempt from formal IRB review. You must still submit an Application for Exemption from IRB Review, so the IRB can ensure certain protections have been established for students. Key considerations for research in the classroom include:

    • Do you have an established pedagogical rationale for collecting data on your own students, or could you use students in another class? (In other words, is this merely a convenience population?)
    • Because of the faculty/student power differential, could the students feel unduly influenced to participate?
    • Are these activities a normal part of your regular curriculum or additional activities?
    • If additional, have you planned alternative assignments or activities for those who do not wish to participate?
    • Will you use data in a way that anyone else could identify individual students?

 Further Considerations and Guidance