Review Categories & Timeline

Beginning July 1, researchers must submit all new studies via the SU OneAegis system using your SU credentials.

(If you have a currently open expedited or full-board protocol, you should continue to use traditional post-approval forms for Modification Requests, Continuing Review, etc.)

We hope to offer a streamlined, intuitive experience that balances the needs of our campus researchers with those of the administrative needs of the office and reviewers. We welcome your feedback to improve this online experience. Please email with any questions or if you need support. 


Approximate Review Categories & Timeline

This overview of the different levels of IRB review will help you initially assess which form to submit, as well as the approximate timeline for revision feedback. Note that the IRB will determine final review level for any project. For further guidance or consultation regarding review level for your project, please contact the IRB at 206-296-2585 or