Forms & Templates

Do not initiate any aspect of a project that collects information from or about living individuals (except for publicly available data) until you have received prior written IRB exemption or approval. Even recruitment cannot be started until you have received this exemption or approval.

Beginning 1 July 2023, the IRB will implement its new e-system: researchers will submit all new studies via the SU OneAegis system using your SU credentials. The online system will accept PDFs only. Follow file naming conventions described in the application. For students, submitted applications will first go to your faculty/staff adviser/mentor for verification of completeness and accuracy before being routed to the IRB Office. You will be unable to submit applications missing required or documentation.

If you have a currently open Expedited or Full-Board protocol -- one that predates the roll-out of OneAegis -- you should continue to use the traditional, post-approval forms offered on this page and listed below. These include Modification Requests, Continuing Review forms, etc. 

Many of the forms offered below will not be used by researchers who are currently using the SU OneAegis system. The Consent and Assent forms are still useful, however, as are the templates listed in the Appendices. We will post here when Modification Requests and Closeout Reports become available through OneAegis, but in the meantime, please continue to download the traditional forms and email them to the IRB.

NOTE: If you wish to initiate a request with the SU IRB Office to cede oversight to another institutional IRB Office, you cannot use OneAegis. Instead, follow the directions below.

SECOND NOTE: If you are new to Seattle University and have an existing project that was approved by your previous institution's IRB Office, you nonetheless still must begin a new application to the SU IRB Office via OneAegis.