Faculty Grievance Committee


Provost (Chair)
Faculty appointments TBD, per below process


Concerned for justice in all that it does, and sensitive to the needs of its faculty, the University provides faculty, who have what they consider to be a significant and reasonable grievance regarding conditions of service, infringement of academic freedom, or alleged violations of the Faculty Handbook, with a grievance procedure.


Refer to the Seattle University Faculty Handbook for information relating to the authority and responsibilities of this committee.


The Committee shall consist of three tenured faculty or professional librarians drawn from a panel of seven candidates of which four are appointed by the Academic Assembly and three appointed by the President for three year, staggered terms of office. When vacancies on the panel occur, they are filled by the appropriate agency for the remainder of the retiring member's term. Committee membership for a particular grievance is drawn by lot from those eligible. The parties of each side of a grievance may each disallow two candidates for the committee.

Minutes Distribution

Recommendations of the Committee will be forwarded in writing to the President of the University, the Provost, and the parties to the grievance.

Chair or Contact Person/Telephone Numbers