Summer Faculty Fellowship (SFF) Review Committee


Committee Chair:
  Dr. Matthew Hickman, College of Arts & Sciences (6/2020)

Faculty Committee:
  Dr. Margit McGuire, College of Education (6/2020)
  Dr. Katie Oliveras, College of Science & Engineering (6/2022)
  Dr. Steven Bender School of Law (6/2022)
  Dr. Matt Isaac Albers School of Business & Economics (6/2022)


Allocates summer faculty fellowships. Develops criteria and guidelines for summer faculty fellowships and fellowship proposals. Receives and reviews all summer faculty fellowship proposals and selects fellowship recipients. Reviews fellowship outcomes report submitted by fellowship recipients.


Recommendatory to the Provost, who may overrule due to considerations outside the purview of the committee.


Once a year during fall quarter, or as needed.


1 tenured or tenure track faculty member from each school/college and 1 librarian. Chair is elected each year within the committee.

Reports to


Minutes Distribution

Available in the Office of the Provost. Announcement of approved applications is made to entire faculty.

Chair or Contact Person

Contact person: Jenna Isakson X6161


The Summer Faculty Fellowship Program began in the 1983-84 academic year. Each year 10-12 fellowships are granted campus-wide. Faculty who receive a fellowship teach one course less during summer (or none at all) and receive the equivalent salary of that course. Faculty must write a report of their activities for review by the committee the fall after their fellowship. A complete list of all summer faculty fellowships and sabbaticals is available in the Office of the Provost.