Program Review

Program Review: Description, Guidelines, and Outcomes

Program review is a regular, ongoing process of self-study following the Program Review Guidelines. The program review process at Seattle University is intended to serve as a catalyst for the faculty of each program to reflect on their program’s contribution to engaged learning, academic rigor, and the university’s mission and values. The review is outcomes and data based and is embedded in a strategic planning framework that focuses on program strengths/weaknesses and challenges/ opportunities.

The review process provides program faculty with the opportunity to systematically reflect on their past successes and opportunities for improvement, to demonstrate the vitality and academic excellence of their offerings and their students, and to be accountable to colleagues in the wider university community. Central to the review process is an assessment of the extent to which graduates are meeting university and program learning outcomes.  

Program faculty, in collaboration with the Dean, the Academic Assembly, and the Provost will determine any needed changes to the program, additional resources, strategic initiatives and new directions.  In addition, dates for reporting progress and for completing the implementation of agreed on changes will be established.

Program Review: Process Charts