Plan a Core Project Session

During the core team session, team members get a chance to experience our curricula and then make plans for how to implement the curricula and resources in your council.

Why have all your core team members participate in the curricula? It's simple - we've found that councils' planning and implementation efforts are much more likely to succeed when everyone has a common understanding of the Inquiry in the Community approach. When everyone shares those "aha!" moments together, it sparks candid conversation and innovative ideas that benefit the council in many ways.

We've provided two core team session outlines: a one-day and a two-day version.

  • planning_1day_core_team_agenda: If you only have one long day to spare, this is the option for you. Start at 8am and experience two of the three core workshops in the morning, then complete your implementation planning by 6pm.
  • planning_2day_core_team_agenda: If you need a later start time to accommodate staff travel or want to get thoroughly grounded in all the curricula, use the two-day plan. During the first day you'll experience two of the three core workshops, plus start planning. Experience what many consider our "capstone" curriculum session in the morning of day two, then finish planning in the afternoon.