Prospective Sponsors


As the project sponsor, you will get a good look at individual students who are potentially future employees. You'll watch them develop into subject matter experts in just a few months and you'll forge professional connections with Seattle University faculty, too. 


  • You gain access to the bright minds and talents of the next generation of STEM students from Seattle University.
  • As a sponsor, you get to work with a group for a full academic year. Think of it as an extended interview!
  • You retain all intellectual property, prototypes and documentation. 
  • Most of all, sponsoring a project allows you and your organization to be a part of educating and shaping the minds of our next generation of STEM professionals!


Our projects run from late September to early June, with Projects Day presentations taking place the Friday before finals week. You will be assigned a team of approximately 4 students and a faculty advisor. The students will collectively spend about 1000 hours working on the project. As a liaison, we ask that you spend an average of 1 hour per week providing guidance to the students. Throughout the academic year, they will professionally present their progress to you and others within your organization, as well as in front of their peers. 

Project recruitment typically begins in January each year. If you are interested, please contact the Project Center at! 

General project timeline 


  • Identify a project and provide a high-level project description. We have a scope worksheet to help with this and you can always contact the Project Center Corporate Relations Manager with any questions.
  • Identify a sponsor liaison from your organization. Liaisons are key to the project’s success, so be sure to find someone who will be engaged and able to provide technical guidance and mentoring to the students. This is also a great leadership experience for the liaison!
  • Plan your internal budget so that it includes the project fee. Provide a project scope and complete the Project Center agreement. Please contact the Project Center at to determine the project fee, get your scope approved and get a personalized agreement for your project.
  • Provide feedback. As part of the Jesuit tradition of lifelong learning, we take your feedback seriously and are continuously looking for ways to grow and provide the best experience for our students, sponsors, faculty and staff.


“The student engineering team had a totally fresh perspective and looked at all kinds of solutions. They contributed energy and ideas that invigorated our engineering team. And they came up with a solution that we believe will work.”

Bridget Brewer, ’88 President, NIC Global Solutions

Industry supplies the challenge, 900+ industry led projects, 4000+ students, 30+ patents, 300+ sponsors, 600+ students hired by sponsors

"The Seattle University students have demonstrated tremendous proficiency in designing a solution to the interface of the Cascade Trail and Wiseman Creek. They collaborated thoughtfully while considering a variety of potential solutions and without a doubt, this section of trail will become an attractive destination."

Brian Adams Director Skagit County Parks & Recreation

Projects Day 2024

Friday, May 31st 12:30-6:00pm