Prospective Sponsors

Bring us your vision, we'll bring the innovation. By being a project sponsor, you have the opportunity to connect with talent, support student experience and invest in your future workforce.

CEE 24.2 6 civil engineering students working on a bridge

Sponsorship Made Simple

Are you interested in sponsoring a student project? Let's innovate together—see below for sponsorship requirements.

  • Provide a project description and technical guidance. We'll partner to define the project scope.
  • Identify an engaged liaison from your organization to mentor students—this is a great leadership and professional development opportunity.
  • Confirm the project budget and sign the project agreement.  
  • Share feedback centered around student growth. We take input seriously to enrich project experiences for students and sponsor organizations.


Capstone Project Timeline

By partnering with the Seattle University Project Center, we'll drive innovation together.

Undergraduate Capstone Graduate Capstone
Yearlong Capstones: Late September-Early June
Civil/Computer/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Interdisciplinary
Two-Quarter Capstones
MS Computer Science: fall and winter quarters
MS Data Science: winter and spring quarters
Matched with ~4 students & advisor (1000 hrs) Matched with ~4 students & advisor (1000 hrs) 
Liaisons provide an average 1 hour/week guidance Liaisons provide an average 1 hour/week guidance
Students present progress regularly  Students present progress regularly 
Project recruitment begins each January Recruitment is year round 

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