Learning Outcomes for Our Students

Biology is the study of life at all levels, from the molecular to the global. A vital part of a liberal arts education, knowledge of biology provides insights into the nature of the human body, social structure, and behavior, as well as the ecological interrelationships, genetics and evolution, physiological functions, and cellular and molecular processes of all living things. Biology majors study this diversity through a wide array of intriguing courses, dynamic labs, and interactive research with our faculty, who specialize in the fields of genetics, molecular biology, animal and plant physiology, microbiology, virology, neurobiology, bioinformatics, evolution, and ecology.

Seattle University is ideally situated for investigations in all of these fields. Our urban campus is near mountain ranges, old growth forests, lakes and rivers, as well as the marine environments of Puget Sound and the open coast, all of which serve as living laboratories for our courses and research endeavors. Seattle also is a center for biotechnology and biomedical research, providing students the opportunity to work in front-line research and clinical labs. 

The Biology degree programs appeal to students seeking to develop their analytical skills, embrace curiosity, and learn more about the living world around us. Many select this training as the most appropriate preparation for acceptance to schools in medicine, dentistry, optometry, etc., while others enter graduate programs leading to careers in research, teaching, or public health. Some create interesting and unique careers by combining their Biology major with other interests, like writing, photography, or law.  Yet others contribute in field studies, research labs, education, business, and more.  Explore our website for information on our four degree programs and options for future biologists at SU and beyond.





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