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W. Lindsay Whitlow, PhD



Teaching and Research Interests

Professor Whitlow teaches:

  • General Biology II - Evolution, Ecology, & Biodiversity (BIOL 1620/1621)
  • Fundamentals of Ecology (BIOL 2600)
  • Tropical Ecology (BIOL 4660)
  • Courses for SU students at the Blakely Island Field Station:
    • Marine Ecology (BIOL 4620)
    • Aquatic Ecology (BIOL 4640)

His research interests focus on community, population, and behavioral ecology through four components: contamination, urbanization, restoration, and invasion. His research group, the Seattle University Creative Collaboration On Terrestrial and Aquatic Scientific Hypotheses (SUCCOTASH), incorporates a team of outstanding undergraduate researchers with colleagues from other departments on campus, and their work has recently focused on two primary projects:

  • Investigating how contaminants in urban runoff affect ecosystems by measuring concentrations among environmental compartments and responses by aquatic organisms
  • Examining how urbanization affects biodiversity of leaf litter invertebrates by comparing community composition at sites across the urban-rural gradient


Professor Whitlow received his B.Sc. in Biology at Duke University and his Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Michigan.

He has previously taught at Bowdoin College and the University of Washington.