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Biology: the science of life. To be alive is to have questions. Biology allows for the exploration of all living things, from the smallest cell to the most expansive ecosystem, which empowers us to appreciate and understand biodiversity and the processes that drive us.

About Us

Programs in the Department of Biology are designed to help you succeed and make a difference. When you take a biology class, you’re learning more than mere facts. You’re strategically engaging with science in such a way as to launch you into an exciting future.

Our students learn what biology offers through a combination of in-class instruction and hands-on research experience. We teach innovative courses that are designed to prepare you to succeed in an ever-changing world. Our programs range from broad to specific, allowing you to tailor your education to your future and pursue a degree combination that fits your interests and career ambitions from health care to technology to the environment.

Our Programs

Discover Biology

Read on about why you should earn a biology degree from Seattle University.

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Biology Takes You Places

Change the world by engaging with it. Experience biology through our labs in local environments, from Puget Sound beaches to the Cascade Mountains, or explore nature in international destinations. Our off-site learning opportunities can take you across the globe from a field research station in the San Juan Islands to a high-tech lab in Spain. Learn more about experiential off-site learning opportunities

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A Place for Student Research and Innovation

We designed our modern labs for hands-on learning. The vast majority (~90%) of our courses includes a lab component to expand your skills and appreciation for the scientific method. In our building, the Sinegal Center, est. 2021, biology students explore and experiment with advanced technology. Learn more about Student Research in Biology and our laboratories and equipment.

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How will our biology programs prepare you for your future?

You will enjoy small classes and hands-on labs taught by dedicated faculty, starting on your first day on campus. Our commitment to undergraduate education means you get high-quality faculty-led instruction in every course and lab. Your education will enable you to become biotechnology researchers, marine explorers, cardiologists, and more. As one of the broader sciences, biology offers a myriad of career options for graduates. Learn more about where your biology degree can take you.

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Learning and Working in a Global Tech Hub

Seattle isn't just a pretty place to live. The city also ranks as one of the most innovative and impactful tech communities in the world. Seattle is home to top biotech and biomedical companies like Amgen, Novo Nordisk, Seagen and Moderna, as well as world-renowned research institutes including Fred Hutch Cancer Center, the Allen Institute, PATH and the Institute for Systems Biology. Seattle, and the greater Pacific Northwest area, is located in a robust and diverse natural setting with mountains, rainforests and marine waters all here for your exploration.

Seattle University’s location in the heart of Seattle—combined with our partnerships with local industry leaders—only increases your career prospects. Many of our graduates have found careers at these powerhouses. Learn more about the companies that call Seattle home and about biomedical research opportunities in the area.

Student Resources

Learn more about the resources available to students in the Department of Biology, such as advising, scholarships and more.

Gain a Partner in Academic Advising

The College of Science & Engineering’s Advising Center provides practical resources and personal support specifically for biology students. See how a partnership with an advisor can benefit you here

Your Future Can Be Funded

Scholarships reduce financial stress and allow students to focus fully on student life. Learn more about how you can more freely enjoy your education here.

Take Your Work to the Next Level

Your academic achievements deserve an audience. Perhaps you’ve completed a STEM research project, written a great research paper or completed a community outreach project. Participate in our annual STEM Research Showcase, or share your work by publishing in the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal (SUURJ).   

Grow Your Skills and Social Circle With Biology Club

Meet your future friends and colleagues at Biology Club. This group connects you with peers and alumni, while keeping you current on happenings and resources in the Department of Biology. To learn more, contact the Biology Club faculty advisors, Heather Brown, PhD, or Thomas Pool, PhD.

Learn how the programs in the Department of Biology prepare you for a wide range of careers in health care and health sciences.

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