Why Biology?

Our biology degree programs empower you to cultivate critical thinking, quantitative problem-solving skills and expertise in scientific research, laying the groundwork for success in future pursuits.

The Versatility of a Seattle University Biology Degree

All of Seattle University's biology degrees enable you to develop the foundation for success in future biological endeavors. With the help of your faculty advisor, you can tailor your coursework to meet your educational and post-graduation ambitions.

Biology has many paths, and you can create your own place in this broad and inclusive community. Tailor your program of study to best prepare you for a career in a variety of fields including Biotechnology, Medicine, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Wildlife Conservation, Neurobiology, Genetics, Ecology, and Bioinformatics.

Also explore the strengths of combining your biology degree with programs in other disciplines at Seattle University.

Career Resources

A biology degree can propel you into a vast career field, where job titles can range from environmental planner to neurosurgeon to aquarium director. As you explore the career options available to you as a biology student, consider perusing our list of career resources below.

General Career and Job Resources

Explore additional career resources for specific fields below.