Meet our faculty: Katie Frato / Recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Teacher Award

Dr. Frato’s research group is focused on the unique structure and reactivity of proteins with metals at their active sites, particularly heme-containing enzymes. Her group currently studies a class of heme peroxidases from marine diatoms that may be involved in templating the silica frustule, a beautiful, intricate and species-specific cell wall structure. Dr. Frato’s group uses a combination of bioinorganic chemistry and biophysical methods to investigate the substrates, mechanisms and biological roles of these heme peroxidases. Dr. Frato’s teaching interests are general chemistry and biochemistry.

My wet lab research at Seattle U gave me the science 'bug.' I knew after working with my hands in the lab and doing real research that I wanted to continue down that path. I credit my research experience as an undergraduate with my decision to get my PhD and ultimately pursue a career in chemistry. Currently, I use this knowledge working as a researcher at IBM formulating new chemistries for plastics, plastics recycling, and advanced computing.

Jeannette M. Garcia, PhD, '06 Research Staff Member, IBM Almaden Research Center
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