Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Scholarships

Learn about the scholarships available to students in the Department of Chemistry to make your degree more affordable.

Financial Support Empowers Students

Financial support empowers students to experience college life more freely.

The College of Science and Engineering is a helpful place to begin exploring how you can make academics more affordable. We offer financial aid and work study opportunities, as well as several scholarships available for both incoming and current students. You can learn more about those awards here.

Additionally, external organizations and foundations provide funding for pursuing degrees in chemistry and biochemistry. To assist in your scholarship search, we’ve compiled a list of links offering more details about various financial awards for undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

For Undergraduate Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors 

Most of these scholarship opportunities fund tuition based on academic performance. However, other criteria sometimes fulfill requirements, such as financial need, career objectives, leadership skills, school activity participation and community service.

For Graduate Programs

Students seeking to advance their chemistry careers often consider graduate school. Master’s degrees typically last one to two years and include a combination of coursework and research. Doctoral or PhD programs usually require four to six years of coursework and extensive research. Chemistry and biochemistry majors can apply to most PhD programs without having first obtained a master’s degree. PhD scholars typically receive tuition waivers that cover all classes and are provided with health insurance and a monthly stipend of about $1,500 to $2,000. Students enrolled in master’s programs typically pay their own tuition and do not receive stipends. Learn more about these opportunities below.