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Douglas Latch, PhD



Teaching and Research Interests

The Latch research group is broadly focused on the area of aquatic environmental chemistry. Of particular interest to Dr. Latch are mechanisms by which naturally occurring and anthropogenic organic compounds are transformed in the environment. Current efforts focus on the roles of sunlight and naturally occurring dissolved organic matter in degradation processes.

Dr. Latch's teaching interests are in the areas of general, analytical, physical organic, and environmental chemistry. He is also involved in SU's forensic science curriculum.


Dr. Latch attended Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, majoring in both chemistry and psychology. After receiving his B. A. degree in 1998, he worked for a year as an analytical chemist in a pharmaceutical laboratory before undertaking his doctoral work in chemistry at the University of Minnesota under the guidance of Kristopher McNeill. Following graduate school, Dr. Latch spent two years as a postdoctoral associate working with George R. Aiken and the US Geological Survey in Boulder, CO. He began his career at Seattle University in the spring of 2007.

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