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Kristen Skogerboe, PhD



Teaching and Research Interests

The courses Dr. Skogerboe has taught span diverse topics including analytical and general chemistry and forensics as well as toxicology and public health screening. She is a proud participant of Seattle University’s Core curriculum, teaching in the sciences. She serves as a legal expert in forensic testing and is interested in developing sensitive methods for the analysis of biologic molecules, food chemistry, forensics, and undergraduate research. She has proudly mentored over 75 students in undergraduate research.  These students are working in diverse fields including appointments as chemists, forensic scientists, physicians, nurses, genetics counselor and chemistry professors.


Dr. Skogerboe received her undergraduate degree in chemistry from Colorado State University and her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Iowa State University. She completed post-doctoral studies in Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Molecular Genetics at the University of Washington. Before joining the Seattle University faculty in 1995 she served as a laboratory director of Molecular Biology at Swedish Hospital’s Dynacare Laboratory of Pathology and held similar positions at other Seattle hospitals where she earned board certifications in Clinical Chemistry (DABCC) and Molecular Medical Genetics (DABMG).