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Photo of Jennifer Coogan, M.A., M.Ed.

Jennifer Coogan, M.A., M.Ed.

Director and Assistant Dean of Student Academic Affairs

Phone: (206) 220-8127

Building/Room: BANN 344-04 (Engineering Wing)

My pronouns: she/hers

My undergraduate alma mater: Marist College, NY

A concern I had moving into college:  Deciding on a major! I changed my major every semester in my first two years. This was probably more difficult on my parents who couldn’t understand how I didn’t know “what I wanted to be.” As I look back on this time with discernment, I’m excited for the opportunities I was exposed to in college, especially as a first-generation student. Each class I took introduced me to careers I never thought about before and for that I am grateful.

How I support the student experience at Seattle U: The philosophy that guides my work is “to empower students to be the best version of themselves.” At SU, I do this through two roles: as an advisor and as assistant dean for the College. I care about your experience and growth both inside and outside the classroom. I am a place for you to be heard, to be guided to resources, to understand institutional systems, and to be challenged but supported.

My top picks for enjoying Seattle: Any daytrips around the PNW! Marina Beach Park in Edmonds is great place to take in a sunset, watch the ferries come in and out, and be at the dog park, all at once! Discovery Park is an adventure every time. Golden Gardens is by far my favorite place to people watch and catch the sunset. Watch a professional game in SoDo. Please do the Underground Tour!

A fun fact about me: I'm originally from the east coast (lived in CT, NY, VA).

Photo of Jessica Allison, M.A.

Jessica Allison, M.A.

Senior Academic Advisor

Building/Room: BANN 344-02 (Engineering Wing)

My pronouns: she/her

My undergraduate alma mater: University of California, Santa Barbara

A concern I had moving into college: Starting at a university with over 15,000 bikes on campus, my first concern was about riding my bike through campus during rush hour. But, once I got a bit more experience merging on 2 wheels my next concern was finding my place at a big university. Living on campus, my resident hall provided me with a smaller community. Attending campus welcome events connected me with new friends and my RA became the first staff member I could look to for guidance and direct me to additional campus resources for all my questions and concerns.

How I support the student experience at Seattle U: Welcoming students as they begin their first quarter on campus and being a resource outside of the classroom to support them as they work towards graduation and a future with infinite possibilities. I am here to help students be successful in their academics along with personal development.

My top picks for enjoying Seattle: As a new Seattleite I am in the process of discovering my favorite places (please share your recommendations with me!). I love exploring Seattle by going on urban hikes. Although the hills can be steep, at the top I am rewarded with amazing views. As a native Californian I thought In-N-Out Burger was king, but now I am convert to Dick’s Drive-In and glad there is one so close to campus.

A fun fact about me: I taught English as a Foreign Language at a college in Hangzhou,China and have traveled to over 30 countries- mainly by backpacking.

Photo of Joy Crevier, M.S.

Joy Crevier, M.S.

Senior Academic Advisor

Building/Room: BANN 344-01 (Engineering Wing)

My pronouns: she/her

My undergraduate alma mater: University of Washington

A concern I had moving into college: Managing a stressful transition moving into a large university coming from a small rural town. Class sizes were large – imagine over 250 students – making it difficult to build community and persist through what I later found out were called “weeder courses” for my Chemistry major. Learned quickly to connect to resources which for me were the Math Study Center, a gifted and generous Physics lab TA, and the campus fitness center – an important stress reliever!

How I support the student experience at Seattle U: Value my role as student advocate, success coach, and caring resource who working with students who are new to SU either as a first-time in college student or transfer student. Areas of focus are helping students navigate both transition and discernment issues plus facilitating access and persistence within STEM majors.

My top picks for enjoying Seattle: Enjoy the outdoors and go urban hiking! Nearby Queen Anne has epic views as does the Magnolia neighborhood which also gets you close to Discovery Park – Seattle’s largest open space and includes beach access.  Recommend Magnuson Park – Seattle’s second largest with a huge off-leash dog area that includes trails and water access that is great free entertainment – I do not have a dog.

A fun fact about me: Have 3 chickens I raised from 1-week old chicks who provide endless entertainment and sometimes eggs!