Registering for Classes

Common Registration Issues

Class is Full/Closed

  • Try registering for an open section of the same class
  • Need a particular section that is closed? System doesn't recognize your pre-requisites? 
    • For Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics or Computer Science Classes
      • Complete the Waitlist in Science and Engineering (WISE) form located on this page during the registration period and through the first 5 days of the quarter. It can take up to two weeks to process your request. Please be patient.
    • For Civil/Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Environmental Science, or Mechanical Engineering Classes
    • For UCOR Classes


Credit Load Maximum

  • Credit Load Maximum Policy
  • Students may take up to 18 credits per quarter.
  • Students with sophomore standing by credit and a 3.5 Cumulative GPA can register up to 20 credits.
  • Permission to take more credits than allowed is granted though a petition. 
    • Contact your advisor for assistance

Waitlist Information for Science and Engineering